Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony: It's Over!

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In surprising news, it's over for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, who announced today that they will be divorcing after seven years of marriage.

"We have decided to end our marriage," they said in a statement.

"This has been a very difficult decision. We have come to an amicable conclusion on all matters. It is a painful time for all involved," the couple continues, "and we appreciate the respect of our privacy at this time."

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No reason was cited for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's split.

Lopez, 41, and Anthony, 42, wed in June 2004 in a casual and secret ceremony at Lopez's Beverly Hills home, then renewed their vows last year.

They have two children, 3-year-old twins Max and Emme.

It will be Marc's second divorce and J. Lo's third. She was previously married to Ojani Noa, who she is still skirmishing with legally, and Cris Judd.

We wish the couple the best as they navigate through this difficult stretch, and will continue to update you with any additional information ...


Sometimes happily married couples don't last forever. Very sad, but if both Jeniffer and Marc still have personal respect for each other after divorce, that's good.


Why are so many shocked about this we don't know what goes on in their home besides that is pretty long marriage considering they were both married enough times so this shouldn't surprise anyone.


Hey UH,WAIT!!! Divorced already??Didn't they just get married???


I don't know why anyone is surprised with this news? Jennifer Lopez already has a new "main squeeze" and is just doing what she always does in life, going from man to man to man. Three divorces - come on folks, this is not a news item.


Krayvin.... spell check is your friend. grammar check would be a good friend to have too.


It's dissapointing to see such a gorgeous couple that has so much going for them to call it quits. I know Jennifer had a rough time before Marc came in the picture, he seemed to save the day if not Jennifer. I'm sure you have talked it over many times, I just hate to see a wonderful couple call it quits maybe because they hit a snag in their relationship? just make sure it's the only way to go because "alone! is not that great" at first yes, it's a breathing space but the weeks roll into months and years and work in not enough for a full life. I'm just so sorry I hope life apart is all that you want it to be, I'm just so very sorry for both of you!


This Spanish woman is not pretty at all. American woman like Jennifer Aniston looks so much better and nicer.


why j lopez ,am not happy for that.why my dear.....


My prayers are with them both, how ironic that I was thinking about them last week thinking what a solid relationship they have or had. But I feel it's proper to respect thier wishies and not bash anyone just becasue it's a fad. I pray that later they can work things out, after all they have 2 beautiful girls that'll keep them connected. God Bless God Be to them both


This is a sad case. I mean makes me wonder were they raised with values and respect? They are marrying and divorcing like its nothing....then they have the nerve to bring two beautiful kids in this. Its one things to divorce because of infidelity but to wake and say oh this for of gone work is sad. J LO nerve been that hot in what she does so *eh*

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