Jenelle Evans: The Lindsay Lohan of Teen Mom

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Since we'd gone awhile without hearing from Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans - other than reports of her trip to rehab, which supposedly went well, and a hospitalization caused by a cyst - many people assumed she was improving.

Wishful thinking, it turned out.

The 19-year-old is in serious trouble after she violated probation and tested positive for THC, a substance found in marijuana, and admitted using the drug.

On top of the drug test, reports claim that Evans - on probation for a prior drug arrest, and dealing with the legal consequences of annihilating Britany Truett (see above) - is behind on her post-rehab care and court payments.

Sounds so familiar. Like Lindsay Lohan, nobody ever set limits for her and she's never truly held accountable for her actions. Comes from upbringing and the failure of the court system to lay the proverbial smack down.

Between physical violence, drugs, stealing, bad relationships (and teen pregnancy), Jenelle is on a destructive path for society and herself.

A lengthy stint in jail would drive this home. Here's hoping she gets it.


I hate jenelle that whore needs to really grow up!! She going to be on crack lol & beging people for money smh


Jenelle is a dead beat mom as well as the dad. Jenelle's mother is more like a mom to the child all jenelle cares about is smoken pot haven sex partying & fighting the lil basterd need to go to church she is a rude lilttle trashy girl she dont care bout no one not even herself I actually feel bad for her mom because she is a sweet lady & shuldnt have to put up with her mess!! She should of move to anotha state & left jenelle to fin for herself may be liven on the streets will put some sence in her dumb brain not only that she stole her mom credict card yea she is a junky ungreatful bi*ch

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