Jenelle Evans Tests Positive For Drugs, Violates Probation, is a Moron

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has reportedly violated the terms of her probation, and it doesn't look good for the troubled North Carolina native at all.

In a July 15, 2011 violation report, the 19-year-old mother:

  • Tested positive for THC (found in marijuana)
  • Is behind on court fee payments
  • Has not attended an aftercare plan that was required upon her release from rehab. He was 30 days sober too, supposedly.
Jenelle Evans Mugshot

"The defendant tested positive for THC on 7/13/2011 and admitting using same," the report reads. "The defendant was discharged from inpatient treatment on 6/7/2011; recommended aftercare / discharge plan was not followed."

"Since the defendant's discharge from inpatient treatment she has failed to follow up with any care," the report goes on, noting that Evans, who was recently arrested for PUNISHING Britany Truett, also owes $320 in fees.

Jenelle Evans' attorney insists there's more to it than that.

"What I can tell you is that she is up to date on her payments and the probation officer has been made aware of this. As to the positive test, we wouldn't be able to comment right now," attorney Dustin Sullivan said.

A hearing on the charges of her probation violation is set for August 24.

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Deanne Young: They do have antidepressants for depression. They work. You just have to find one that works with your body chemistry. Drugs and alcohol are definently not the route to go to escape your problems. They will only make them worse. If she knew that it was illegal and didn't want to put her and her baby at risk why smoke pot at all? I see she is already going down Amber's road of life.


OK i know she's done wrong and has for a long time but I dont think anyone should compare her to that stupid Casey Anthony. Im sorry to say this but i know she or someone else killed her daughter and all but i personally am tired of hearing of that woman. There are so many people out there that have done worse than her jsut to kill a child and you dont hear this much about them. On the note of Janelle she needs to let her Mom have that baby or someone else yes. SHe got help but didnt take it in like she should have. Im sorry I dont pity anyone like this or anyone worse.


WOW no way is this girl a good mother! Her mom shouldnt even have this little boy! He deserves so much better than what that crazy family can give him poor Jace! she will never change !!!


she is NOT a good mom.. she constantly puts herself before her kid.. she doesn't use the good sense God gave her.. yes her mom is a pain in the ass, but her mom has done more for her and her kid than anyone else did. more than she has done for her own kid. she needs to grow the hell up and quit complaining and take care of her kid. obviously she is picking herself over her kid once more ..every time she picks up a joint she is picking that over her kid. her mom needs custody of that kid... even tho she's a pain..that kid is being takin care of. she needs to just give up custody and be done w/ it. cuz she doesn't care to be responsible


She is a good mom, but she just need's help like every other citizen in this World. Everybody has something wrong with them but its just a matter of finding help. Jenelle is just like you and me. I know that she made a bad desicion of having a baby at 16 but come on, it wasen't her fault. She made a mistake, everyboddy makes mistakes. I'm through here but, just remember, we ALL make mistakes and we all need help in this world.


they need to find a loving family for that baby before there is another Casey Anthony out there.. Jenelle is a waste and her mother is a wonder jenelle has no scruples. Once again the baby suffers.... don't wait till there is another Caylee. that's what is wrong people always step in when it is too late......


To bad she isn't rich like linsdey lohand she would be off scott free, some people just need a little help.. she will get it one of these days.. as fo her parenting, her mom has custody so he is in a good place and she is there to help learn to be a parent.


So she was never a mom to that baby and i agree with Nikol. I feel bad for the kid cause he never did anything to deserve what he got.


This girl just doesn't get it. I watched her "16 and Pregnant" and Teen Mom episodes and her whole family is jacked. Neither her or her mother do right by each other and for a mother to tell her daughter that she doesn't love her is just horrible. Janelle is only going to keep messing up. She doesn't feel loved so how on earth is she ever going to be able to be a good mother. I am worried about her son growing up with her mother. The woman is crazy and if she can't love her daughter how can she love her daughters son. Janelle needs to get her act together and get rid of all negative influences in her life before she winds up in prison. Her mother needs to go to therapy and learn how to be a proper mother. If Janelle had felt love as a child maybe she wouldn't be so bad now...but then again you never know.


It's just weed, they should be more worried about her horrific parenting, she obviously cares nothing about her child as you can clearly see in the show!!!