Jenelle Evans Hospitalized With Ovarian Cyst

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Teen Mom 2 train wreck Jenelle Evans was hospitalized today. She was having awful abdominal pains this morning, and doctors found a cyst on her ovary.

Jenelle originally posted this message on her Facebook: "heading to the hospital, I think my appendix are about to rupture. been up since 2am crying."

Jenelle on the Phone

But according to her rep, her appendix diagnosis was off. The 19-year-old had a cyst on her ovaries, which isn't that uncommon for a girl her age.

Evans has since been released and is now resting at home, with the help of some pain meds. Here's hoping she recovers fully and quickly.

Jenelle recently got out of rehab, having marked 30 days of sobriety. This followed a really, really rough period in the N.C. teenager's life.

She was arrested for breaking and entering with some douche, then for pounding the crap out of Britany Truett in a fight over said douche.

She's also a dreadful mom who has had to be relieved by her own mother almost entirely. Hopefully she gets better and turns the corner.


They are common but painful as hell. @danie: I was thinking the same thing about the pain meds. Although opiates are highly addictive the majority of people can take them with no problems if they are used short term and as prescribed. But an addict just a month or so sober is likely to abuse them. There are non narcotic options but sometimes they just don't kill the pain. Hopefully Jenelle does not like them too much...


I hope she gets better but I'm in college studying substance abuse and the worst thing they could have given a recovering addict is pain meds because most addicts will abuse them without a doubt and they are very addictive bad choice for real and I hate the show I think it is disgusting u actually have young girls trying to get pregnant to be on this show bad ideal. Why would any body ,company ,producer or Dr (Dr Drew) want to have a show that promotes teen pregnancy this goes to show u every topic is up to be exploited


I have a cyst rupture atleast once every month.ive had 12 rupture at one time.big woop! This isn't news.


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