Jeff Schroeder Homophobic Rant Captured on Big Brother Live Feed

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Two members of the Big Brother 13 cast got into an argument Tuesday, which in itself isn't news. Jeff Schroeder's homophobic comments - stemming from a discussion of Harry Potter, of all things - are being widely criticized, however.

Jeff clearly hasn't seen the films or read the books, but nevertheless starts laying into Dumbledore, who author J.K. Rowling says she always thought of as gay:

Newcomer Kalia Booker defends the books and the character, but Jeff stresses how wrong it is to send kids to a "fantasy camp" run by a gay man.

He then goes ballistic on Kalia, accusing her of "saying the right answer for TV." Odd, given that just a few nights ago, Cassi Colvin reportedly dropped the f-bomb on Dominic Briones, only to be chastised by Jeff.

What do you think? Did Jeff's rant totally cross the line? Or did he just get carried away in a conversation we don't know the full context of? Discuss.

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Is anyone even surprised people from Big Brother say ignorant things? It isn't MENSA after all! Jeff's just showing that he's ignorant, homophobic and all around asshole! I think those are the requirements for getting on the show!!


Why would anybody care about anything this "jeff" guy has to say anyway?!?


Jeff is awesome. I'm glad I'm not the only one not afraid to say it like it is.


Did we all forget that it is a tv show? We have no idea how anyone really thinks or if the discussions they have are truly how they feel or if they are for tv! They know we are watching so who is to say that the producers are not putting them up to it. Yes we would all like to think that all their conversations are real but come on..they are watched 24/7 and there is a staff there 24/ who knows what conversations are real or not real.


I assume there are no IQ tests to be on BB.Enough said!


I thought Jeff was a decent caring person that cared about man kind. Now after seeing this I would never support him only because he is homophobic. There was no need for him to go off in the show or anywhere else, How childish for a person that calls himself a man. Is he afraid of his own sexuality?


Hard to tell with Jeff. We can see that hes ignorant & not entirely bright, but hes not consistant in what he says.


It's a freaking children's book. Kids dont think like that. All they know is that its awesome and something for them and they love it. Hell Im 21 and not 1 thing screamed to me that Dumbledore was gay. The children enjoy it and their parents are fine with it, and thats all that matters.


he was just trying to expose his ignorance