Jaycee Dugard Opens Up About Captivity, Pregnancy, Survival

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I can walk in the next room and see my mom. I can decide to jump in the car and go to the beach with the girls. It's unbelievable, truly.

So says Jaycee Dugard in an interview with Diane Sawyer that airs Sunday on ABC's Primetime, as the woman who was kidnapped at the age of 11 and held captive for 18 years speaks out for the first time.

In June, the man who kidnapped and raped Jaycee, Phillip Garrido, was sentenced to 431 years in prison. He's the father of Jaycee's two kids, and she tells Sawyer that she "didn't know" she was in labor prior to giving birth for the first time. Dugard was 14.

"She was beautiful," Jaycee says of her daughter. "I felt like I wasn't alone anymore. [I] had somebody else who was mine. I wasn't alone."

Incredibly, incomprehensibly, Dugard gave birth to another girl in 1997 and created a school inside the compound for her kids, teaching them as best she could with her fifth grade education.

"There's a switch that I had to shut off," Dugard tells Sawyer of the experience. "You can't imagine being kidnapped and raped, you know? You do what you have to do to survive."

Jaycee has also written a book about the ordeal, titled "A Stolen Life." It will be released next month.


I am in awe of this woman, I really am. She is not lashing out at the justice system that ignored reports that the man who held her captive had young girls in his home (while he was on parole/probation for a prior violent sex offense), she, as far as I know, correct me if I am wrong, is not suing everyone and every agency that failed to respond to those reports in any real way. She somehow came through with her mind intact and despite the fact that her children are the product of rape by a man who held her hostage for nearly 20 years she still feels that they are the most imortant thing in her world. I would like to think I am a strong person but in her situation I don't know that I could have held onto my sanity. I wish Jaycee and her children nothing but love peace and happiness for the rest of their lives. I hope somehow they can all go on to good lives. Her book is one I will buy and read. Much love Jaycee, from me too you.


This story has (so far) a happy ending. The victim is free & slowly recovering & the perpetrator has been sent to prison for what should be the rest of his life.
Im looking forward to this interview. She survived a hell I can only fathom & did so while raising & nurturing 2 children. Brave isnt strong enough to describe this woman. Shes an inspiration in many levels. I wish her a lifetime of happiness.

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