Jasmine V Wants to Make You "Werk"

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Jasmine V, a.k.a. Jasmine Villegas, a hot young recording artist who burst on the scene by kissing Justin Bieber last year, has been hard at "Werk."

On recording tracks and music videos, not spelling, apparently.

In the video for her latest single, which features rapper and Dancing With the Stars alumnus Romeo, Jasmine and her alter ego fight for the fella.

A love triangle leads to a dance-off to win him over, obvi. Peep it:

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i love soo much jasemine villegas you are the best and you aré for justin bieber and i love only girl you are jv love you


She is an amazing singer.


She's quite good, actually.


and if u dont like it dont comment


why wont yall leave this girl alone she can sing their isnt nothing wrong with her so stop being haters


This thing is terrible...teh-ruh-bull


wow that sucked... i had to exit it a minute into the song cuz it was giving me a headache! im sorry- worse then friday...

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Who is Jasmine Villegas? A 16-year old singer who made many headlines in September of 2010. First, it was announced that she'd serve as... More »
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