Janine Lindemulder Arrested AGAIN For Harassing Jesse James

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Jesse James' ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder, was arrested at her home in Texas late Wednesday for harassment of her former husband. It's not the first time.

The bust came two days after a judge awarded him full custody of their daughter, Sunny. The ex-porn star apparently didn't take this news that well.

At least Janine, who's done time in prison, is no stranger to jail.

Janine Lindemulder Mugshot

Fear not, Jesse James' ex-wife is behind bars.

Janine Lindemulder was arrested for harassment earlier this year, but not much came of it beyond a judge ordering her not to harass or annoy Jesse.

In the last few days, though, she's called him more than 25 times, and that was enough for cops to get a harassment warrant and have her jailed.

Man. First, Jesse James and Kat Von D call off their engagement. Then this insane chick badgers him relentlessly. Not the best week to be Double-J.


I'm pretty sure you shouldn't be diagnosing individuals by the information given through the media because there is always more to the story than the rest of us know about, I'm not condoning his actions but seriously stop throwing that stuff out there...


Pu-lease....this is what Psychopaths do, arrest their partners because the partner whom is the Mother of their child Sunny...she has the right to see her child.....Read up on Psychopathy....Freaking James has cheated again with another woman on Kat...he will repeat it again and again and again and again.....make awareness of NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER--groups in with ANTI SOCIAL PERSONALITY DISORDER...the man has no concience, no remorse, no empathy for anybody including his daughter and spouses...flitting from one woman to the next cos he gets a little BORED does not make him the better parent....James is a POS disordered person...there is no hope for him to ever be a trustworthy human being....Kat, take your tattoos and run as fast as you can...this man James, is TOXIC now and will be TOXIC forever. He cannot attach..he has faulty brain wiring.


Damn she looks horrible, she used to be VERY pretty. She's a hot mess when Jesse is the better parent. She gets out of jail for tax evasion & what does she do to try to get her kid back? She married an ex-con drug dealer who was charged with transporting illegal weapons. Yeah, that's good step-father material. She's a bright one.

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