Is Kim Kardashian a Hypokrite?

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Kim Kardashian is not the only person to have reacted with horror over the Casey Anthony verdict yesterday afternoon.

But she is the only person with a major connection to the O.J. Simpson murder case to have done so.

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Casey Anthony Reacts

For a change, Kim Kardashian is not the most disgraceful person pictured here.

Following a Tweet that said she was "truly sick" over Anthony being deemed not guilty of killing her daughter, Kardashian received flak from a number of followers who saw her as hypocritical. Why?

Because Kim's late father, Robert Kardashian, defended Simpson and helped get that obvious murderer former running back off.

Kim can't believe people are giving her a hard time over that affiliation. She wrote today:

"Reading the comments here and it's nuts people think just because I was close to the OJ trial I can't have my own opinion on the Casey Anthony case?"

What do you think? Should Kim have spoken out against the verdict?


Who made kim whoredarshian a judge over casey. She's even worst than casey. A shameless & talentless porn star like kim. She's a greedy whore 4 heaven's sake. Better shut up idiot.


I don't think what she said was hypocritical. It was Kim Kardashian's FATHER who defended O.J. Simpson, not Kim Kardashian herself. A person shouldn't be held responsible for the actions of their parent.


who even cares what this talentless whore says???? yes...she has an opinion. But just cuz she got fucked on tape and thinks shes something special doesnt mean we need to critisize her opinion. shes a stupid slut with a dad who got a murderer to walk. end of story. why is this even news??? everybody knows this fucking retard will do anything for attention. whether its good or bad.


Kim has every right to express her opinion. Her mother did not side with her ex who defended OJ but still had to maintain a relationship because he was the father of the children. Yes, they were children at the time.


everything is always about the damn money whole she didnt make oj not go to jail its her father i finally finsih kims perfume threw the bottle away i'll never buy her prefume again.


Is this a joke?
Kim had nothing to do with the OJ case.She's not responsible for her father's actions.Plus,she has a right to express her opinions you know


She should not be held responsible for anything her parents may have done. Period! Im in agreement in regards to the Casey Anthony trial outcome. Its truly disappointing. The verdict proves that justice can sometimes be blind.


This is how i kno ppl are really getting dumb. O.j and the anthony trial have nothing in common. Very different circumstances. And i would hate to think that ppl align all my views with my parents. Just because her father represented a person when she was in grade school doesnt mean she cant have a opinion on other cases 15 yrs later! And who knos she may even disagree wit her father on the simpson case. Noone eva asked that tho.


I don't like Kim or her crazy dysfunctional family, but come on. She took no part in the OJ trial. Just because her father was his lawyer by no means makes her a hypocrite for disagreeing with Casey's verdict. I have heard some really dumb insults towards her, but this is the dumbest.

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