Is Kim Kardashian a Hypokrite?

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Kim Kardashian is not the only person to have reacted with horror over the Casey Anthony verdict yesterday afternoon.

But she is the only person with a major connection to the O.J. Simpson murder case to have done so.

Outside Vera Wang
It's The Juice!
Casey Anthony Reacts

For a change, Kim Kardashian is not the most disgraceful person pictured here.

Following a Tweet that said she was "truly sick" over Anthony being deemed not guilty of killing her daughter, Kardashian received flak from a number of followers who saw her as hypocritical. Why?

Because Kim's late father, Robert Kardashian, defended Simpson and helped get that obvious murderer former running back off.

Kim can't believe people are giving her a hard time over that affiliation. She wrote today:

"Reading the comments here and it's nuts people think just because I was close to the OJ trial I can't have my own opinion on the Casey Anthony case?"

What do you think? Should Kim have spoken out against the verdict?


everyone needs to shut up man seriously leave kim alone it is truly sick tht anthoney can murder her own daughter she has no heart whats so ever!!!!!!!!!!! ''trully sick'' i agree and its her opinion and it does not mean shes offending to O.J simpson trial !!!!! >.


Hell yeah she s the dumbest celebrity in the world. . i c her face on d tape n oh man she s gross. . . .she s a big whore all knows . . n wuld do anything for fame be it fakin products o a sex tape. . . fuck kim n her fake ass. . . poor kris. . .


Kim K is the biggest hypocrite in reality t.v but we all know and see this on a daily basis. Yes she is entitled to an opinion but to be honest I'd rather see Kim doing what comes naturally to her - getting fucked for fame! I don't care what Kim thinks i just wanna see a new sex tape with her slobbing off some guys knob and taking hard hits up the a$$... Come on Kim thats how u became famous don't deny ur gutter wh0re ways and do ur fans proud!!


Regardless of how some of you feel about kim k she was 15 when the OJ Trial was going on and it caused major problems between Chris and Robert when he decided to represent OJ so please people cut her some slack on this one if you need to vent against anyone it should be aimed at Caysee Anthony.for killing her beautiful baby, the Orange County Police Department for not retreaving Caylees remains months prior which could have had DNA, and last but not lease the idiot 12 jurors who think it is normal for a mother to lie for 30 days about where her missing child is parties her ass off and gets tatted up.


The oj murders was these pigs big break in show biz you lame bitches


I am not a fan of Kim K at all,can't stand her really. @Leo: I agree with your assessment of her. That said, she would have been around 15 when the O.J case happened. She had no choice in her fathers choice to stand by him. You can't hold her responsible for her father. And damn, I can't believe I just kinda defended Kim Kardashian. Never thought that would ever happen. Ugh.


Robert Kardashian did what he was hired to do that is the life of a defense attorney they put there feelings aside and get the job done. Kim making her comments have nothing to do with thay (can't believe I'm sideing with famewhore) but she isn't wrong for once but in my opinion she make comments about anything political at all because half the time I sure its endorsed smh so it shouldn't count


Kim may be talentless and have a sex tape but she is NOT worse than Casey Anthony. That's a stupid comparison to make considering one is a murderer and one is a reality star. You're the idiot, Aniamalu Jennifer.


Her and her evil mother conspired to exploit the murder of my friend Nicole from the get-go. That is why they are rich and famous. It's not talent you stupd fukin bitches


Wait a second.Her FATHER,Robert Kardashian Sr.,was O.J.'s lawyer,NOT Kim.Maybe she sided with O.J.'s team,maybe not.who knows?Using the fact that her father defended O.J. dos not establish Kim as a hypocrite.

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