Intruder Alert: Halle Berry Calls Cops Over Stranger Sightings

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Halle Berry called 911 twice this weekend, both times because a suspicious man was spotted on her property.

The first incident took place on Saturday, as police arrived at Berry's Los Angeles home after someone leaped over her home's protective wall and was lurking in the front yard. Guests ran out to confront him, but the intruder fled.

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A similar incident developed yesterday. Berry was actually at her kitchen window and spotted a man just staring at her, holding a book. Once again, though, the unwanted man was gone by the time cops - and even a helicopter! - answered Berry's call.

Many believe the man in question was a member of the paparazzi. (Berry, especially in light of her ongoing custody battle, is one of the most photographed celebrities in Hollywood.)

But the latest information has police worried it's an obsessed fan hoping for an autograph. We'll update this scary situation when more news becomes available.


LMAO @ Abby! Good one!! Glad she wasn't at home alone. Its bad enough shes a single parent. and O M G would you look a little Nahla!!
Just cute as a button and adorable! She is sooooo going to be the IT girl when she gets older!


If this is a photog, he/shes crossed the line & should be held accountible.
If this is some nutbag, I certainly hope they catch him & soon. Life is scary enough & threats to a young child is too much. Mom-mode kicks in (unless youre named casey).

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