In Time Movie Trailer: Justin Timberlake as an Action Star?

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Justin Timberlake can make us laugh.

He can make us swoon.

But can he make us sit on the edge of our seat and wonder what will happen next? The singer/actor will attempt to do so later this year, starring in In Time along with Amanda Seyfried, Alex Pettyfer and Cillian Murphy. Below, watch Timberlake fight for his life in a future society where time has replaced money as currency:


Drink Rick Schlauch beer and piss your way to good health!!!


i think they are cute together couple people just like 2 jude.


Fucccccckkk you. I cant wait for this movie.!!!




@team me
excuse me
i just feeling bad for selena
because they also invited miley then why not selena..she also desered this

Team me

Sarah, wtf are you talking about? Selena Gomez has nothing to do with this... This movie looks KICK ASS. Can't wait to see it.


nice video
but im disappointed because marine corp ball dnt invited selena gomez
they have to invite her..because she deserved this
im feeling so bad..
But if its ok then im also happy
love jb.

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