How Much Did Ashley Hebert Make for The Bachelorette?

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Love on The Bachelorette is fleeting.

Therefore, even though Ashley Hebert has evidently found a fiance on this season of the ABC series, it's nice to know she made some decent bank for her time, as well. A new report says Hebert was paid $30,000 for two months of work.

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While $30,000 may seem like a lot for just following the show's scripts, it's actually far less than the $100,000 past contestants have earned.

It certainly seems like Ashley deserves more, doesn't it? After all, she's been tortured for her looks and, as is made clear above, she's been betrayed again!


Ben, you're a wonderful man and you will find the perfect woman for you to share your life with. Despair not and don't go into a shell. Ashley isn't good enough for you.


The roast: I agree that what the one bachelor said was hurtful, but honestly Ashley you asked for a roast and then sulked in the back while they actually roasted you. These fellows aren't professionals, one of them stepped over the line, but you put them on the spot. In a matter of a few minutes they were supposed to come up with something benign yet clever. Comedians have professional writers for this stuff. You asked for trouble and you got it.


The phrase "what they've been through" referring to the cast on The Bachlorette is truly ridiculous. That phrase should be reserved for our soldiers and their families, people going through life threatening and debilitating diseases, but NOT for The Bachelorette cast. OK so maybe emotions run high, but really these folks are on exotic dates around the world, hardly something frightening. Not only I read where the bachlorette is actually paid for her work. What a great deal to be paid for 2 months of 5 star dating.


Not sure why 90% of Ashley's date situations were competitive...the guys sure were not thrilled with all the competitions she put them through...and she wonders why some of them backfired, hurt her feelings...duh...dates that Brad had were FUN, Adventurous, good spirited, romantic, attentive except for a dates pretty much are no fun on the show anymore...anyway, no matter how ABC tries. Brad really is a gentleman and showed he cared. Ashley...has been a bit boring trying to dig into the guys lives but not sharing her own.
If she wanted to be so competitive she should have signed up for Bachelor Pad instead.


I watch the show regularly and Ashley, sorry, is so boring to watch. If it weren't for the Bentley situation the ratings would be much lower. I also understand the looks comment. By today's standards she lacks 'hotness'/'sexiness' (as Bentley said). It seems harsh but that's how things are on the Bachelor/Bachelorette. It's different in the real world. So much for 'reality' tv.


I am not sure why this girl was tortured by her looks? She is a very pretty girl, perhaps a bit insecure and vulnerable but pretty none the less.

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