Hines Ward, Witnesses Question DUI Arrest

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Hines Ward is one of the most upstanding citizens in the NFL, making the news of his DUI arrest shocking for all who follow the league.

But the wide receiver's rep the "preliminary investigation" makes him "confident that the facts will show that Hines was NOT impaired by alcohol while driving," while those who actually saw the Dancing with the Stars champion out that night concur.

Hines Ward Wins!

A waiter at the Bucket Bottle, an establishment Ward frequented Friday night, said the All-Pro was there for a few hours, but only downed a couple drink. He told TMZ Ward was very nice and didn't appear inebriated.

A waitress at Oasis, another bar Ward stopped at, echoed this image of the Steeler only have a drink or two and scarcely causing a scene.

Of course, a sobriety test says a lot more than two anonymous employees. So we'll update this story when more hard evidence is revealed.


I am very disappointed that hines was out at 4 pm drinking. he seems to be a great guy but he needs to realize he is 35 years old and the father of a 7 yr old not some 25 yr old rookie staying out drinking all night. It just seems so immature. What I liked the most about Hines & Kym on DWTS was they seemed classy and hardworking - no fights,, crying, swearing, etc. I still like him as a football player but I now question him as a man and a father. Did his mother ever stay out until 3-4 drinking when she was raising him? I don't think so!!!!


wish people would wait til all the facts come out first ! he wasnt even convicted of a dui yet ! guilty until proven innocent i guess ! what a great man ! who plays for the best team in the nfl. go hines u rock !


If he had multiple drinks at multiple bars then he was probably drunk. Get a driver! It's not hard, trust me, I'm not half as wealthy as Hines Ward and I still have a driver when I go out drinking.


Just because hes a nice well liked man doesnt mean hes not able to drink & drive. Notice how drunks tend to swear theyre sober?! I'll rely on the BA.


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