Happy Birthday Free Britney, Brock Lesnar and Bill Cosby!

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You've read his content, you've laughed at his jokes, you've taken his side or voted against him in various installments of THG Asks.

But have you ever addressed Free Britney personally? This is your chance! The senior staff writer and hustling pick-up basketball player turns 32 today. He's a new father and a new home owner, but little would make this celebrity gossip guru happier than a few best wishes from his loyal followers.

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Of course, the man without whom THG could never function isn't the only living legend celebrating a milestone today.

Brock Lesnar is 34, Richard Simmons is 63 and Bill Cosby is 74. Happy birthday to them all!

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Happy Birthday Brock i luv u babe, and have and have a good 1!!!


happy birthday free britney!!!!! thank you for giving me something to read at work lol


@FreeBritney, Happy Birthday and many thanks for your consistently fair, good-natured and (I think) ethically-minded posts. They're fun, funny, and make this my favorite of the celeblogs.


@ Free Britney,
Sending you a handful of best wishes on your special day!!
You must have been a wonderful baby. All these years later, you are still being encouraged to shine and be recognized.
Today you get to be a *star on your terms. No partying with Lindsay, Paris, and Lil Wayne. Don't want to read about you in the tabloids for hanging out with the wrong crowd.
Continued blessings of all the things that make you appreciate each day,and a special shout out to the friends, family and colleagues that reminded us of your special day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR *STAR REPORTER!!!!


Happy B-Day @Free Britney! Congrats on being a new father, pretty awesome right? And congrats on being a new home owner. Both take a whole lot of work but are totally worth it. Richard Simmons is only 63? Somehow I always thought him older than that. At any rate, happy b-day to him, and to Bill Cosby as well.


well happy b-day Free Britney :) wish you well and continue to entertain with your A-list article :D