Happy 30th Birthday, The Situation!

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Mike Sorrentino, a.k.a. the only guy who has a nickname (Sitch) for his own nickname (The Situation) celebrated his birthday yesterday on July 4.

It's an appropriate birthday for Mike, since only in America can a fella who contracts STDs, takes steroids, talks with a fake ghetto accent, instigates fights among friends and wears shirts four sizes too small become a household name.

We kid. Well, sort of. All of the above is true.

Da Situation

There's a genuineness about Sitch that makes the Jersey Shore star lovable in spite of his douche-like qualities. He also comes up with acronyms and catchphrase for everything and makes us laugh more than we like to admit.

He's taken a literal beating (from Ronnie) and a pounding in the press (from his dad) in recent months, but both feuds have reportedly been put to rest. So here's wishing The Situation a happy 30th birthday a few hours late.

We know, 30? Pretty soon he'll be "that guy" at the club.

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Sitch Style
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There is no way this guy is 30! If this guy really is 30, that means he is 3 years younger than Pauly D. It is quite obvious that somehow he has managed to dupe the press into thinking he is younger than he is. In actuality, Situation is closer to 40 than he is to 30. Maybe one of the news shows will check out his birth certificate or something because there is NO WAY this guy is any younger than 35.


Poor snitch... Hopes he brushes off the haters and enjoys life!!! Your only as old as u feel, who at 30 honestly has it all sorted anyway? Good for him still living like a 21yr old lol... Sometimes I wanna be like that???? But nahhh


Two words. Arrested development. If his antics were what I was best known for and being a Jersey Shore cast member were my biggest accomplishment at 30 I think I would fall into a deep depression. I am honestly not trying to be mean but there comes a point in everyones life when we must take stock of our life so far and find the direction we want the rest of our lives (the "grown up" years) to go. One can't be 30 going on 21 forever. I'm sure it's been fun for him this far but it's past time he figures out what he is and wants to do when he grows up.


Wow! That's even worse. He is 30 and acts like this still

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