Guess Who is Planning Kim Kardashian's Wedding

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On last Sunday's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kris Jenner wouldn't stop harassing daughter Kourtney over her lack of desire to marry Scott Disick. She said God wanted them to tie the knot.

Well... we're not sure about The Big Guy's feelings on Kim's impending nuptials with Kris Humphries, but Khloe has spoken out and made it clear her mom is thrilled to finally have another wedding to plan.

"I've seen how much my mom has been doing, and I don't know how my mom does it! Kim should be kissing the ground that my mom walks on. It's amazing," Khloe told Us Weekly.

Annoying Mother and Daughter

We have an idea of how your mom does it, Khloe: with dollar signs in her eyes. Who do you think made your family all that bank in 2010?

Khloe says she will be playing a role in the event, however. She's coordinating her sister's bachelorette party. And she hearkens back to the event Kim planned for her in 2009 to detail plans for it:

It "was very embarrassing," Khloe said of her fete. "It was everything penis themed! Kim is not like that. She's very uncomfortable with that so we're going to embarrass her."

Oh, those crazy, unoriginal Kardashians.



I am so sick of these Kardashians can't wait for there shows to be old news because they all suck I still want to know whatz Kims true talent


KIM, just give yourself sometime to get to know more about this guy, i am not saying he isnt for you.But something inside of me sense that there is a side you having seem yet.Now Khloe hit the right button because her husband was looking for a family and someone to love now look at kourtney, she was and is taking it slow because she knows her sweetie have a dranking problem and that would have been sad in the future for marry and their kids.and he loves POWER AND MONEY and kourtney knew she is the one whos making all the M O N E just think before moving to fast because if he really love you it shouldnt matter how long you wait.


While I do think Kris is like a pimp to the girls, she is the one that made them famous. It makes me sick when tell her to shut the f**k up etc. Even if she is meddling they could speak to their mother with respect, she manages them, gets them deals & has stretched their 15 minutes into what seems like a decade. They are so spoiled that all they care about is money & what guy they are going to bang.


I think their mom wil book a honeymoon suite n they make a sextape n sell it again to get famous . . make money thats what kardashians do. . isn it. ? whores


Mom will probably go on the honeymoon with them,to give instructions,Hey"


I am bored to death about the Kardashians. Please lighten up. The mother is the worsr, she will do anything to get attention,I thinkkk she is a gold digger mom, I'm referring to the ring she picked out for Kim. The fiance has no balls and goes along with what ever SHE wants. Also Kim is no princess so what is the fuss about?


Well, like a LOT of Hollywood marriages, lets HOPE, that it works for them BOTH, in the long run, WITHOUT it ending in DIVORCE in the short term. Funny how, so MANY people use DIVORCE as an easy way out, instead of REALLY making a marriage work. All because, the thinking that a lot of people have these days of, well, there is ALWAYS DIVORCE, IF it does NOT WORKOUT. Make it WORK, for gawds sake, instead of DIVORCE, and ALL the expenses and hardship through that, it especially effects any children involved the most when Mom and Dad DIVORCE. Think of THE CHILDREN FIRST, before you decide to hit the DIVORCE BUTTON.


Why is everybody so awe-struck by these Kardashians? They're nothing. All they do is flash money and jewels. They could support some worthy causes, such as hungry children in the US, sick children needing medical care, all kinds of causes. It's all about "me" with them. So sickening. They appear to be so self-absorbed.


who cares???? there other things to worry about in this country and in the world than kim kardashian's wedding or whether kourtney will get married....


i watch that episode too but i agree with courtney people can't force her to marry scott she can do what ever she wants in her life its not her mom's life and it not kris's life or kim's life either ITS COURTNEY'S LIFE !!!!!!!!!! BUT I ALSO WANNA GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO KARDASHIAN DAD HE CHOSE COURTNEY SIDE AND HE DOES NOT INTERFEAR

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