Glee Casting Shocker: Who is Leaving?

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Three stars will be departing Glee after this coming season. Correction: the three biggest stars on Glee will departing after this coming season.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, creator Ryan Murphy cites the "integrity" of his show's storytelling and confirms that Cory Monteith (Finn), Lea Michele (Rachel) and Chris Colfer (Kurt) will all graduate after season three and not return "at all" after that.

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"We made that decision and I involved Chris and Lea and they thought that was a good idea," Murphy said, adding he's yet to talk to Monteith. "They both trust the writing and trust me and felt that it would be great to have an open and closed experience for them to go out while they were on top.”

This is simply "true to life," Murphy said.

But what will it mean for one of Fox's highest rated shows? We won't find out until the fall of 2012.

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Glee was amazing with those characters we all love every one of them. But ryans desicision in my oppinion could b good 4 the show. A new character will come from the glee project. And Lindsay would become a Rachel type character,samuel would become a Finn, and Alex would become a Kurt. Damian woud b like a foreign exchange student who could have a little bit off all three characters if they won. So this could b great for the show. This is my dream to sing and act and I'm 11. If I made it 2 glee I would follow ryans direction and try 2 calm the fans down by saying they will be in more movies and tv shows. So just chill and relax because I'll c them in more tv shows and movies so just have fun with this. It could put a real twist on the show.


i dont want rachle and kurt to leave they make glee it wont be the same with out them.poor blain he is going to be soo sad. but i am glad finn is leaving he just ruined it and he can not sing of course.bye racle and kurt i will miss u a ton. :(


I hope that message inspired you guys, because when i first saw Glee you guys have inspired me to do whatever it takes for me to follow my dreams and to become a Artist. Singing is my dream and always has been and now when I saw this show for the first time I had fell in love with your music covers and the thats when I found out that I wasn't afraid to sing a solo in my schools Music Club. So Thank you Glee for helping me accomplish my fears, and Lea you don't always have to be a Diva to be a celebrity just be a kind person and then everyone will love you like us glee fans do.


Hey, im just saying that you guys should add more episodes to season 3, and also if Rachel-Fin AKA (Finchel) and Kurt leave after or during season 3 then three quarters of the WORLD will PROBABLY NEVER want to watch Glee again and I LOVVE the show but I would be devastated if they left the show because they are the ones who started Glee to me they are my FAMILY. I really hope you have gotten a chance to read this cause I bet it is true very very true. BTW WE LOVE KURT,RACHEL,AND US GIRLS LOVVE FIN


You CANNOT take them off the show there the reason i watch Glee it's nothing without them. If you take them out i'm going to stop watching glee.


this is bull, glee is nothing without them they are the best whats the point of watching if there best player or acters are gone i know they grow up but whats the point of getting ride of them and not other one.! i hate this


this is bull crap they were the best this show is nothing no that they are gone.!


would you people calm down and gain control of your lives instead of letting it evolve around a tv show??? Who cares who leaves? Stop being silly and go make sure your real friends don't leave your pathetic little selves.


okay really you are taking kurt off of glee he was the gay kid that made the show he was the inspiration to all of the gay kids to all kids who were afraid to be who the wanted to be. i believe that your making a mistake by having him leave. and rachels voice is beautiful to have leave and finn is just a great person for the show. i hope you know that once they leave GLEE IS OVER!!!


Ok. You guys are not thinking clearly. It'll be good for characters to graduate. No please no college glee or after years glee. Do we not remember Saved By The Bell. Plus if you've been watching the Glee Project you'd see there is talent out there that would help the show fantastic and help the show connect go more viewers and relate to other personalities.