Giuliana & Bill Rancic No Longer Trying to Conceive :(

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Giuliana and Bill Rancic's infertility struggles have been a huge part of their reality show Giuliana & Bill. But the duo is taking a break from trying to conceive.

"[Having a baby is] always on my mind," Giuliana said, noting that she's turning over a new leaf. "But we're not actively trying. Right now is the year of fun."

"In the first episode, we're talking about it, and we heard bad news. Bill's like, 'You know what? Let's get back to who we are and have a year of fun.'"

Giuliana and Bill

The couple vowed to think positive and to enjoy "all of the things we couldn't do if we had a baby," like "traveling" and "drinking lots of wine."

While Rancic, E!'s resident celebrity fashion expert, admitted she felt "vulnerable" sharing her struggle, she also found it very rewarding.

"This guy came up to me, and he was like, 'Oh, I just want to thank you and your husband. You inspire my wife ... she's going through IVF, and we know we're not completely alone,' It's really nice [to inspire others]," she said.

"[And it's nice] that we can use our profiles to talk about it and make people feel better about themselves."

Indeed Check out THG's recent interview with Giuliana.



One more thing - I saw a clip from your show G. Trust me, men do exactly what they want to do. If Bill wanted to be home with you - he WOULD BE HOME WITH YOU. Get It?!!!


Couldn't agree with "Sharon" more. She is so self absorbed, the things she says sometimes makes me sick. A truley vile human being that should never breed. I think God watched the Casey Anthony trial and put a moretorium on self centered scum having babies until 2013. That's why Beyonce is pregnant and giuliana is not. Run for the hills Bill - you can do better -------way better.


Wow! I'm guessing those of you who are bad mouthing Giuliana have never had fertility issues. You cannot understand the pain and helplessness you feel when you are trying desperately for a baby. You feel like a failure because you cannot do what women are supposed to do. It is a very trying time because you get your hopes up to just have them shattered. Over and Over. How do you know it's not the stress of it all that kept her from gaining weight? You have NO idea what is or isn't happening with them. So as women, instead of bashing her how about you show her some support? Why must women bash others to feel better? Both Giuliana and Bill are going through enough.. leave them alone!! Giuliana and Bill, it took my husband and me 5 years but we now have a 10 month old daughter. I hope soon know the true bliss of waking up to baby's smiles VERY soon ; however you decide to procede.


I do not believe for a second this woman wants children She would gain weight and since she has serious weight issues this isn't going to happen. She may talk a good game but it's not going to happen. She is too self centered.


dear Giuliana, try an alkaline diet to concieve - (nb. check out miranda kerr's baby weight loss by her alkaline ways). most of our diets are acidic and our body reacts accordingly. being more healthy and providing the right environment for an embryo to develop (and the right cells to be produced to start with) helps. i don't understand how any sort of shots or pills can help with your body's basic acidity. you can test this yourself. some people are just like it naturally and pop out the babies willy nilly but some need a little fix-it-up of luck in baby making


maybe if she ate something. just sayin...


and after they get back to tryin again i pray they get 2-3 bambinos just lyke the fortune tellers had earlier told them


I hope one day they can know the joys of parenthood. It's worth it even if the child does not physically come from you.


Time off is a good thing. Lets you return to being a couple as opposed to the test tube monkeys you become when working tirelessly with IVF trying to conceive.