Evelyn Lozada to Go Dancing With the Stars?

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Basketball Wives star and Chad Ochocinco fiance Evelyn Lozada may soon follow in his foxtrot footsteps. She's in talks to join Dancing With the Stars!

Producers reportedly the idea of having the reality star on the show, especially since she's engaged to Chad, an NFL star who was a past contestant.

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The show is even hoping to involve Ochocinco in some capacity, since he's a former DWTS-er and all. Not to mention a talented one. And hilarious.

No official word from the show on whether this lovely star of Basketball Wives, who is neither a wife, nor involved with a basketball player, will join DWTS.

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thought DSTS was going to class up the show, huh.


...and she is a "star" because she hooked up with alot of pro athletes...This is DWTS new low, I won't be watching. She is a vile, ignorant, uneducated moron...


Wow Evelyn, we're not sure about this new job. After what they did to RNB singer Brandy we was so hurt. The cut was so deep it brought back some old, old feelings that should be kept under the bridge. It was terrible we are really not feeling those folks at DWTS i.e. producers, tv station, judges, the cameraman ALL. Nope, we are not feeling them at all that episode brought on some old terrible memories but Brandy was a real trooper she handled it all very, very well. She made us cry and smile it cooled us down a whole lot. You can have your own show Ev, getting married, having a baby, writing a book, have another shoe store and expand your t'shirt line, Shauniece is off to college. Ev there is so much to cover right now you can indeed have your own show. Take Charge Ev!!!


You are so nice


If I misunderstood, I apologize, hope I did.


Wow Gigi- check yourself. That sounds sad. Even pathetic. How about getting an education, a good paying job, and supporting yourself??? Now THAT is respectable. Is unbelievably sad that some young women feel the way that you do. Support yourself. It's freedom and the best thing you'll ever do.


Evelyn... you would be the PERFECT match for Maks. You're both from "the city" and you've got the rhythm and sass to go far in this competition. I know you can dance girl... so DO IT NENA... sign that contract!!!!


Evelyn...you would be PERFECT for Maks. You're both from NYC and definitely into "the rhythms". Do it Nena...DO IT. Sign that contract!!!!


Love her. Best wishes also to Chad and Ev.


hmmm , Evelyn do your thing . Shes making money the best way she knows how , i respect it .

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