Emma Watson vs. Emma Watson: The Rematch!

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Emma Watson took on herself in London last week, donning an outfit for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in Great Britain and then a different one for the after-party.

Now, the talented young star is at it again.

Watson and company walked the red carpet at the Lincoln Center premiere of the film yesterday, with Emma subsequently rushing off to tape an interview with David Letterman. She broke out contrasting outfits for both occasions. Each is seen here. Only one can win.

Fashion Face-Off!

Emma Watson donned two distinct outfits in NYC this week. One at the Harry Potter premiere, the other for an appearance with David Letterman. View Poll »


Love the sparkles it's totally in style right now and the pixie cut suits it🌟 the premiere "ball gown" is just hideous the gold puffs out 2 much and the brown bodice is not fit for a premiere


Sparkles... on sheer black... long legs... short skirt... Emma!.. Captivating!!! But what's w/ the grey bustier on Golden Curtain Tresses bit?! A Ballgown?


That ball gown is hideous,and should only be worn on special occasions like Halloween!!

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