Emily Maynard: The Next Bachelorette?!

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In the aftermath of her breakup with Brad Womack, Emily Maynard is reportedly in talks to become the star of The Bachelorette next season.

Emily is "angling for the opportunity," according to Us, which quotes a source: "She hasn't officially signed on, but it looks like a done deal."

This would be a first on a number of levels.

Not only did she win The Bachelor - ABC's typical pattern is choosing a runner-up, as Ashley Hebert was to Emily - but it's a year away.

Emily Maynard, Brad Womack Photo

Though the single mom to 6-year-old Ricki has said appearing on the series is "the last thing on my mind," the insider claims Maynard has other ideas.

In addition to boosting her career profile (she's an aspiring broadcaster,), Maynard seems eager to move on from Womack. Can't blame her there.

"He has issues, and you could tell from the start that it was never going to work with Emily," another insider says, even though Em "tried her best."

"She gave it everything she had."

We'll believe this when we see it, but if it is true that she's actively seeking the starring role ... how pissed is Bentley Williams right now!

Thoughts? Should Emily be the next Bachelorette?


UGH! I just watched Mondays show with this self absorbed martyr princess on it and I couldn't stand more then a few UM YOU KNOW and YOU KNOW UM, UM YOU KNOW. GOD! I don't watch the show all the time anyway but I do tape it and watch here and there but if they bring this little drama queen bimbo on I won't watch it at all. You know? Jeez, hopefully Brad still has Chantal's phone # and they got hooked up.


She gets too emotional & couldn't take it too long on the show. I don't think I'll watch it if shes their. They need to find someone with more spunk.


I think Emily would be boring too. She doesn't have enough energetic spirit for me to watch. Chantel would be better.


Emily was afraid to introduce Brad to her daughter so what has changed? Too many issues, deceased fiance, daughter, she needs to get on with her life like everyone else, do it on your own. Don't expect somed reality tv show to carry you forward. Ashley is bad enough, don't compound the show with another person that can't make a smart decision. Not watching this season, too mean spirited and Ashley is so boring, flip flopping all the time, and turns on the water works to get sympathy. Feel sorry for the guys, they probably will be glad to get away from this situation!!! What a waste of their time and energy. This whole reality show is ready for the round file, it has run its course.


i think emily would be good. she is down to earth. i do think brad is a loser. skip the therapy angle. he does need a shrink full time. the temper is what got me. he isn't good enough for emily or anyone else for that matter-some people should stay unmarried.
emily is a winner. good luck to her


She would be sooo boring and why would she accept and leave her daughter behind? I guess free vacation, free sex, food etc. and in the end stay single. Please someone new as the last 3 were boring enough. Ashley and Emily would kill the show forever.


Whats with all the retreads on this show, which is marginal to begin with, reappearing? Could be that once paid, the women have to appear, via a signed contract, until told not to.


Yet another show I wouldnt watch.


Ashley wasn't the runner-up. Chantal was. This is the second story in 2 days you guys have gotten wrong! (Nick Jonas covered Lady Gaga, not Joe Jonas!)

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