Emily Maynard: The Next Bachelorette?!

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In the aftermath of her breakup with Brad Womack, Emily Maynard is reportedly in talks to become the star of The Bachelorette next season.

Emily is "angling for the opportunity," according to Us, which quotes a source: "She hasn't officially signed on, but it looks like a done deal."

This would be a first on a number of levels.

Not only did she win The Bachelor - ABC's typical pattern is choosing a runner-up, as Ashley Hebert was to Emily - but it's a year away.

Emily Maynard, Brad Womack Photo

Though the single mom to 6-year-old Ricki has said appearing on the series is "the last thing on my mind," the insider claims Maynard has other ideas.

In addition to boosting her career profile (she's an aspiring broadcaster,), Maynard seems eager to move on from Womack. Can't blame her there.

"He has issues, and you could tell from the start that it was never going to work with Emily," another insider says, even though Em "tried her best."

"She gave it everything she had."

We'll believe this when we see it, but if it is true that she's actively seeking the starring role ... how pissed is Bentley Williams right now!

Thoughts? Should Emily be the next Bachelorette?


I have to say, that Emily has gotten rid of all he good guys, especialy Doug, what the heck is the matter with her, she is goin to end up with ari, sean or jef, with the wicked hair. I think she is so nausatingly sweet and maybe the good guys are better off without her.Ari is ao ugly good luck.


This is totally wrong. Where is Chantel? Emily is too obsessed with her daughter and has already stated that the contestants would have to have her daughter's approval. Imagine if the bachelor did that and expected all the women to suck up to his kid "or else". Totally ridiculous. She's not ready for a relationship. This is just another waste of time. She should wait until her daughter grows up and leaves home. In the meantiime, give someone a chance who is in it for the right reason.


It seems wierd to have the winner of the last bachelor be the next bachelorette. There are plenty of women out there. The viewers probably would like to see someone new.


Emily needs to stay home and raise her daughter, instead of looking for a man. She has her own set of issues that need to be addressed; especially her dependency on her x boyfriends family, and living healthy values that her daughter can mimic.


I feel that if ABC allows Emily to become the next bachelorette, it would be a great disservice to everyone involved. She had her opportunity, she won and it failed, as so many of these relationships do. It would not be fair to allow her to. It would also be a bit mean spirited towards Brad. He is who he is, and good "husband" material or not, it would be cold hearted to allow this. Besides, Emily was always going on about her daughter, is she not as important now? I do find Emily a little boring. She is pretty, but is that all she has besides tears?


I would definitely skip the season if Emily is chosen. I could not bear to watch two hours of "you know" over & over again. I skipped the episode when Brad came back. He is NOT husband material.


I might have to stop watching for a season if Emily is the next bachelorette. She is has no sparkle and too much drama!! And who's watching her little girl? Another JAKE!


Emily would definitely be very boring!


This is THE worse show ever. Ashley needed to take some time off to get herself together. It is like she have never seen the show at all. If there is the least prob in the beginning dump them like a hot potato. But NOOOO she thought she could tell if he was sincere or not. She doesn't know if she is sincere. I don't know why the producers don't show her Bentleys tapes of his critizing her well is kinda of do. but. IF Bentley comes back again, this will be the last time I watch this show and I say that every year. The dates where your dates get beat up, not cool.


UGH! I just watched Mondays show with this self absorbed martyr princess on it and I couldn't stand more then a few UM YOU KNOW and YOU KNOW UM, UM YOU KNOW. GOD! I don't watch the show all the time anyway but I do tape it and watch here and there but if they bring this little drama queen bimbo on I won't watch it at all. You know? Jeez, hopefully Brad still has Chantal's phone # and they got hooked up.

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