Elin Nordegren: Blindsided By Rachel Uchitel-Jamie Dingman Relationship!

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A report surfaced last weekend that Elin Nordegren's new boyfriend, Jamie Dingman, used to date Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods' shady #1 mistress.

It seems almost too coincidental, but apparently Elin did not know about this prior to TMZ's report, and she is pissed now. We can't imagine why.

To hear sources close to Jamie Dingman tell it, his involvement with Uchitel was in fact real, but not as serious was what was initially reported.

Elin the Swedish Goddess

Sources claim Jamie only hooked up with Rachel twice in October 2009 (two months before the Woods scandal erupted), but that they never had sex.

TMZ says Rachel and Jamie initially became involved professionally, working on a new investment business. The nature of the business is not known.

In any case, the two both stayed in the Miami home of Chris Barish, the third partner in their prospective business, for 2-3 weeks in October 2009.

During that stretch, Jamie came into Rachel's room late night and hooked up with her twice. Rachel discussed it with Barish the morning after each.

At the same time, Barish was hooking up with Jen Madden, the woman who sold the Tiger Woods-Rachel Uchitel affair story to the National Enquirer

Madden got the bulk of her information from discussions Rachel Uchitel had with Jamie Dingman and Chris Barish, both of whom knew about the affair.

As for Jamie and Elin Nordegren, they've been quietly dating for six months, which was revealed after they were spotted kissing in Sweden.

Whether being involved with another man connected to Rachel Uchitel is too much for Elin remains to be seen, but there's been no breakup. Yet.

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Yes, be careful, Elin! Stay sweet and sound as ever! Thanks for being such a delight of a person, even you don't like being in the public eye. :o)


Yuk, Elin gave some head to Tiger, now Rachel's ex-boyfriend? LOL!!


Elin, Beware!!! You don't need another liar and cheater in your life!!! Elin, be careful,This man seems to have a long list of lovers! He could be deceiving you with attentions and lies to get a hand on your money!!!Elin you don't need this sort of issues! You are beautiful, young and rich and next time hire a PI to check out your men before getting involve for your own safety!!! Best to you