Drunk Snooki Grinds on Potted Plant

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We know effing Snooki will get it on with anything that moves.

Apparently she'll also make advances on things that do not.

The drunk Jersey Shore star did her thing in Seaside Heights on Saturday, sloppily grinding on a standing, decorative plant like it was Jionni LaValle.

Check out the thoroughly amazing display below. This isn't Snook's first romantic encounter with an inanimate object, nor will it be the last ...


wow........... im a bit speachless*.* that was.....weird


Sheesh chicks like her send bad messages out to all the easily influenced little girls of the world watching her. While some of us laugh/boo and criticize others watch in awe. She's lost man.


Holy smokes. This woman is a hot mess. Young. Dumb. & Stupid. Throw in booze & the intelligence factor drops even more.


wtf is wrong with her? has she already screwed every posible human there is and resorted to plants? shes not even attractive. shes just fat, orange, and hella ugly. nobody takes sluts like her seriously.

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