Dr. Conrad Murray Lawyers Seek Nancy Grace Ban, Possible Sequestration of Jury

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Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers saw what happened to Casey Anthony.

The doctor's legal team told the trial judge they don't want Nancy Grace to influence the jury - not that it worked in Anthony's case, with Grace eviscerating her daily - so they asked the judge to prohibit jurors from watching.

Why anyone would want to anyway is beyond us, but fair point.

Dr. Conrad Murray Gets Wet

Dr. Conrad Murray is free on bail as he awaits trial.

Attorney Michael Flanagan argued it's impractical to tell jurors they can't watch TV - because they simply will anyway - so he wants them sequestered.

We're talking full-on O.J. style.

The idea that Murray, who's charged with involuntary manslaughter in the June 2009 death of Michael Jackson, can't receive a fair trial because of Nancy Grace is dubious, but the case will receive inordinate media scrutiny.

The judge told Flanagan to file a motion and he'd consider it, though the judge did say he thought sequestering was unnecessary and too expensive.

Flanagan also pressed his claim for outtakes for the final Michael Jackson rehearsal footage - which Sony won't give up - in an attempt to prove MJ was on drugs, weak, beyond repair, a lost cause, etc., etc., etc.

In a telling comment, Judge Michael Pastor did not seem compelled, saying, "This case is going to focus on the charge, not personal lifestyle."


If you can not stand the truth do not watch her show, she tells it like it is. We all know that Casey is quilty. Nancy just told the truth. It is funny that only the MEN think that Casey is innocent. She was probably doing her lawyer.


Didnt Nancy Grace influence somebody to be judge jury and excecutioner without deliberation or cross-examination ? I think she needs her own channel YouInMyCourtNah TV


Bitch Mom Nancy Grace should just go away


Haha@Nancy Grace ban.
Are you kidding me? A judge will tell the jurors not to watch trial related tv or outright ban tv.
Im not a fan of her show but its a hilarious demand by his lawyers.
People already dislike the man. Whats going to change?

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