Doug Hutchison on Marriage to Courtney Stodden: God Connected Us!

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The Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden Look-We're-Really-In-Love-And-Not-Out-For-Publicity-Publicity Tour stopped by Father Albert this week.

Yes, that's really a show.

In an interview with host Albert Cutie, the 51-year old actor agrees with his 16-year old wife: a higher power brought them together.

"God connects us," Hutchison says. "When you meet that someone you love, there's something inside that's leading you towards that person."

Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden

During the conversation, Stodden once again claims she was a virgin prior to her wedding night and adds that Hutchison is her fantasy come true. After all, the guy is an actor!

"He's my acting coach. I have a built- in acting coach! How many girls [would want that]? That's their dream, and I fell in love with my dream."

Women have taken to calling Courtney a "slut," to which she has an unusual response:

"It's kind of funny because if a woman doesn't call me that when I walk by, I think I need to go home and redo my hair because I don't look as good as I did when they call me that."

So, to summarize: Stodden admits her dreams came true because she married an actor and also says she attempts to look slutty on a daily basis.

Pssst, Kim Kardashian. You need to give this woman tips on how to market herself without making it so obvious that she's marketing herself.


It's the new Anna Nichole Smith! That kid is spoiled, phony looking, and digging for gold!She needs less exposure and a few years of military school!As for her husband, I hope he made up a prenup, because once the sex wears thin, he's going to open his eyes and go, 'God! What did I get myself into?'


I guess the average, every day person REALLY doesn't know the meaning of the word 'slut'. Unless somebody KNOWS how many people this girl has had sex with or who she has had sex with, (in other words, if she hooked up with somebody else's husband for example) it's not their place to label her a slut. And another thing: This girl is 16 years old! I agree that she's the way too young for this guy, but that also means she's too young to be called a whore by adults. Any 'adult' who goes around calling a minor something like that is immature and downright hateful.


I always crack up at 2:00.


She looks like a 35 year old Tranny.

Team me

I don't care what that bitch says. She MIGHT be 16, whatever, but she's had some work done. She looks about as fake as they come. And if her mom is dumb enough to sell her to a child molester, then she probably has no quarrels with a nose job here and a boob job there.


She really does seem pretty mature, advanced, & bright. He seems to really care about her and treat her respectfully. He's not hustling her. He made a commitment. He married her with full consent. I say if they're happy and it's legal--have at it!! LOVE is not supposed to make sense!! In fact, it rarely does!~ Overall, I think it's a happy story! :)


im not sure...he has definitly had alot of plastic surgery himself and if she is only 16 where the hell are her parents and why would they allow this....


God didnt lead you to her....your penis did. You arse.
Dressing to look like a slut isnt an accomplishment a woman seeks to obtain, its what an immature 16yr old looks to do.
I sure hope when this girl exits this relationship that she seeks counseling.
The parents need to be locked up for selling their daughter to an old man.


He's "Tooms"!


Shouldn't there be some kind of law against this? EWWW When I was 16 I sure as heck wasn't interested in a 51 y.o. man.

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