Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden Release Wedding Photos, Hope to Expand Your Mind

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For a couple so in love, Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden sure spend a lot of time in front of the camera - and not in the romantic, kinky, Kim Kardashian/Ray J kind of way.

Why do this 51-year old and 16-year continue to give interviews about their marriage?

"We have to have a sense of humor about it," Hutchison told E! last night, saying he sees their media appearances as "a forum to hopefully help people change their perspective and expand their minds about love."

They also happen to be a chance for Stodden to discuss her career and shoot down plastic surgery chatter ("God was her only plastic surgeon," her husband says).

Hutchison and Stodden have released their wedding photos to E!, as well. We've posted a couple below. Check them out now and decide: are these two truly in love with each other?

Doug Hutchinson and Courtney Stodden Wedding PicDoug Hutchinson and Courtney Stodden Wedding Photo

[Photos: E! News, Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison]

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Wow...if that is how a mature woman acts like, I'm glad I don't!!! She seems like she's high on some kind of drug. The things ppl do for MONEY!!!! She would definitely make it as a PORN STAR!!!! And really...stop with the facial expressions, it makes you look even stupider!!! Is that a word??? Ha ha ha ha......and if she is 16, I must be be 18!!! =P


If god is her plastic surgeon, he has really lowered his standards. Why do folks like this seem to think we can't tell implants from the real thing?? They look like jello molds stuck in her bra!
And, Doug... you're very far away from the person I met around the time you were in "The X-Files." What happened? I take some small comfort in the fact that this has to be a stunt: it's the only explanation that remotely makes sense.


I want to be on whatever drugs she is on.


She's 16 playing 40 and he is GAY playing straight. Its a stunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Honestly I seen the interview on GMA and she does seem 16. She's simple and silly. I think she has a motive honestly! Everyone wants to make it in showbiz, she's on her way!!!


She appears to have a never ending supply of lip gloss and ecstasy. Which Percy here seems tooootally cool with. I don't believe she is 16, nor do I believe they will last, but I'll watch the ish outta that reality show. Cuz this girl looks like she's 1 reality show deal away from being the conductor of the Hot Mess Express, and I love a hot televised mess.


She looks 35. I hope he doesn't land another acting job ever. She will turn to porn. A 16 year shouldn't get married to anyone, no matter what age. He is creepy.


They are just plain ODD. He seems sincere enough but she is loony-toons.


If she is really 16 yrs old then her mom had her marry him to pay the dang plastic surgeon. No one in their right mind would allow such a marriage in the normal day to day society. She needs to get some further education and check back in 5 yrs. Then maybe I'll believe this bull crap!