Dog Chapman Involved in Screaming Match, Racial Confrontation at Bar

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A near-brawl erupted between Duane Chapman, a.k.a. Dog the Bounty Hunter, and a bar owner in Colorado, and the altercation was racially charged.

After the other guy allegedly called Dog a "half-breed," Chapman can be heard screaming, "Come on white boy, come on motherf**ker!" It was ugly.

It all went down Thursday in Breckenridge, Colo., when Dog's team stormed into a bar looking for the owner's father. See TMZ's footage below ...

The guy Duane & Co. were looking for allegedly jumped bail on breaking and entering charges, and was being pursued by Dog for his reality show.

Upon meeting resistance, one of Dog's associates says, "I'm not a superstar ... I can f*%k you up and not get charged." Then a brawl broke out.

Dog lost his cool and lashed out, brandishing his stun gun. A plant was thrown, some racial epithets were exchanged ... it looks pretty chaotic.

Eventually Dog left, and no one was shocked ... in the literal sense.

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Hi there,Anyone help me out what episode this was on.Thanks


to the prick stating that once a felon always a felon, shut the fuck up. its cos of people like you that felons cant go straight cos ya dont give em chances in life thus perpetuating the problem. moron! as for dog chapman an crew, they rock


looks like woody is a numb nuts.. hahahah .. come on the dog.. leave him to get the scum off the streets,,,


To all the stupid people out there that don't know what Dog's job is here it is..... He is as close to being a Police Officer as you can get without being one. So if you run from Dog it is just like running from the police.
As far as the racial comment, what about the "Half-breed" one that was said to Dog. Remember he is "AMERICAN INDIAN" and this was our land before it was yours. So if any one is half of anything it is the ones who came over here and their children. The only TRUE American is the American Indian. So get over it and let Dog do his job.
I will pray that Dog does not get cancelled. Dog, Beth, Duane, Leland, Baby Lyssa, Tim and the rest of the posse keep up the great job, love ya and Aloha.


My son and I watch Dog and family together. He was getting out of hand before we started watching the show. Hearing Dog talk to and testify to the people he picks up has taught my son lessons that would have been learned the hard way. In my opinion when something that is teaching morals and that your actions no matter what they are have consequences. The majority doesnt want to hear or watch. But if you put smut on tv they cant wait. Dog you and your family will be blessed for all the good you have done. Hope your family remains safe. God Bless you


I am also all for Dog, Beth, and Family. I think u all rock!!!For those who are downing Dog and his family obviously dont know what u are talking about. Dog does his job with the help of the Lord, none of us are perfect, only the Lord is. We all make mistakes. Dog was defending himself and any one of you would have did the same. I love you guys, keep up the good work Dog, Beth, and Family.


I don't much care for there supposedly praying at the beginning of a (Bounty) then swearing like a sailor then at the end they are praying again that's anti-religioius as you can get!


i think the dog and family have a hard job. i do not know think anyone should have to take being call names. i would love to talk to beth .


Dog is a caveman.I know the guys in the fight and for anyone to call them rasist is a moron.Imagine if dog walked in your resteraunt and started all this shit.would you stand for it.Eat a bag


It's not a subject for job tagging; who does what. That shows ignorance. Dog was doing his job and was resisted. He is needed even though his job is dangerous. If not for him the
cosmetic heir would not be in jail but still raping women.
He was reacting to being attacked verbally first. If it was the other way around, the end would never come to it. Leave Dog alone. He's who he is but he's not a threat to decent caring people. It's the mean ones he deals with. I'm all for Dog and Beth & family.

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