Diddy and Jennifer Lopez: Getting Back Together?!?

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First, Ben Affleck. Now, Diddy.

Tabloids are really desperate to get Jennifer Lopez back together with an ex.

A source tells BET that Diddy really wants to get back together with new newly-single ex because she is "the love of his life" and his "fantasy girl." However, friends worry that J. Lo will break the hip hop mogul's heart again, similar to how she dumped him in 1999 when he was on trial for weapons charges.

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Diddy on Stage

Witnesses claim to have seen Lopez and Diddy together in New York City this week, while a friend of the former says:

"Puff wouldn't be my first choice for her, but then again he was always very supportive of her sex symbol image and never got mad when she wore sexy clothes. He actually encouraged it."

For those of you unfamiliar with the rumors surrounding Jennifer's divorce, that was a direct dig at Marc Anthony. Yes, it's on, folks.


@Riley, Your so dumb i can do what ever i want to do so shut your mouth


But seriously Jlo and Diddy don't sound a nyc couple. Maybe pitbul n Jlo sud go out dat wud be soooo awesome. They sing perfectly together and imagine wat a lovely Couple dey wud make


@Being_subh, honey U da 1 wu cares cuz if ya didn't u won't be on dis website. Stop tryin 2 act cool cuz dat act went out da door as soon as u were born!! It aint gna work 4 u. Stick 2 da side lines and don't make retarded comments!!! XOXO


who cares?i simply dnt care wat they do or not?..tell them go 2 hell :)coolllllll..mind-it...

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