Did Amy Winehouse Die From Alcohol Withdrawal?

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Amy Winehouse's past with drugs was well documented, but despite reports that drugs were to blame for her death, her family feels otherwise.

Instead, they believe a sudden abstinence from alcohol might have been what led to her untimely passing last Saturday at age 27, sources say.

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Winehouse ignored doctors' advice to cut back gradually from her heavy drinking and went cold turkey in the past month, Britain's Sun reports.

Her official cause of death is still inconclusive, but her family believes that this decision simply caused too much of a shock to her fragile system.

"Abstinence gave her body such a fright, they thought it was eventually the cause of her death," says a source of Amy's effort to quit drinking.

Her father, Mitch Winehouse, said in a eulogy at his daughter's funeral that he believed it was the opposite of a bender that took his daughter.

"He said doctors had told Amy to gradually reduce her intake of alcohol and to avoid binging at all costs. Amy told him she couldn't do that."

"It was all or nothing and she gave up completely," says the source.

"Mitch said the shock of giving all that up, after everything she had been through over a bad few years, was just too much for her to take."

Blake Fielder-Civil claims he could have saved her. Ironically, if the cause of her demise really was withdrawal, the junkie might be correct.

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Does anyone know what another person is feeling inside? If she could help herself, don't you think she would have. After drinking the amount of vodka she drank (I heard 8 bottles) she must have felt pretty sick but she did it to self medicate because she could not handle certain things in her life. Was she Bipolar, who knows?
Maybe it is true she stopped drugs 3 years ago. There has not been any bad press about her taking drugs recently, only drinking and she was trying to stop. Only Amy Winehouse knows what her demons were no one has the right to judge her or what she had and how many people would have wanted to have hwat she had -- if you are not happy, it doesn't matter what you have, nothing will fix it.


mudrake2 - you shouldnt be commenting on a forum things that you do not know 'Amys dad PROBABLY uses drugs' and 'Amy PROBABLY saw him do it' you should not be stating this in your comment as you are unsure if they hold any truth. its neither ethically or legally correct to do this. Fact is someone died, its a sad time for her family and friends and they do not need comments like some of these posted around the internet to make it worse. if you dont have anything nice to say why say anything at all.


Are you kidding amy winehouse has loads of well known songs she was an inspiration to a lot of people! its very unfortunate that she went down the wrong path in life and an addiction is an addiction no matter if your addicted to food or fags, alcohol or drugs its all the same it all can kill you! at least she tried to beat her demons and in this case it caught up with her its very sad and i feel very sorry for her family. she mite not be a legend to you but she is to her family and the people who loved her! and micheal jackson had his faults too no one is perfect!


for the idiot that said she only made 1hit song is obviously ignorant nd is not aware of what was going on with Amy RIP cuz she didnw die of an overdose!!! Nd who the hell is talking bout michael jackson? I feel bad 4ppl who are as dumb as you. RIP AMY WINEHOUSE a true talanted artist, its a shame shes gone:(


Amy killed Amy. Period. What difference does it make what she died of...it is pretty obvious to any one but a government flunky or a parent in denial, that drugs and alcohol were the ultimate cause. Whether she died for an overdose or the cumulative effects of her drug abuse, it makes no difference. Amy was a waste of human potential. How many starving Africans would have given anything to have had a fraction of the opportunities Amy had and squandered. There is special place in hell for people like her. That place is just above the place for parents who raise their kids without a moral compass to avoid things like this, or worse, set a bad example. Amy's Dad, being a musician probably uses drugs and she probably saw him using them. I wonder who found the body and who cleared away the drug paraphenalia before the authorities arrived.


Who ever is putting mean comments need to stop it's not funny or you shouldn't be happy when someone dies at a young age. I lost one of my brother's at a young age and it was a tough time for my family it's not cool to be happy or funny when someone dies. R.I.P. AMY


Young people should try to learn from Amy Winehouse. You do not have to drink, get high or take drugs. Don't start
doing this and you will never have problems of this nature in life.
I regret drinking at a young age. You waste your time being high.
That anyone would take CRACK or HEROIN knowing how addictive and destructive these drugs can be----HAVE TO BE STUPID OR CRAZY!
I wish I had known that alcohol was a drug when I stupidly started drinking. I was young and dumb enough to think it was only a drink.


For people to say such awful things about celebs that hve passed lke someone saying Amy died because she "choose" to drink is stupid when they say she passed from withdrawing from alcohol, meaning she stopped drinking. It's the saddest when an addict dies when there trying to stop n better their lives. Jackson didn't die cause he was trying to get better, exact opposite actually. He had a private Dr. Give him whatever he wanted. We also need to remember fame is a mixed blessing often, causing people to self medicate and they lrge amounts of $$$ 2 do this. Plus who reading this has never had a drink?? ANother thing MJ was jst a drug addict lke the others, a talented person with many personal demons. RIP to them all!


Mikey it's mum not mom..... hear in London, England that is!


i didn't mend 2 hurt yah feelings
but she knew that alcohol would kill her,after knowing it,she still drank it
so i feel pity for her.she choose to drink alcohol WHILE SHE KNEW IT COULD KILL HER.so i dont feel sad for desperet A.W. sorry XD


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