Crystal Harris to Hugh Hefner: Sorry!

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During an appearance on Howard Stern's radio show this week, Crystal Harris said she wasn't attracted to Hugh Hefner, she never saw him naked and they only had sex once, with it lasting for like "two seconds."

Now, the busty blonde has something to tell her former fiance: My bad!

"The Stern interview scared me, he's harsh," Harris Tweeted last night. "I was unprepared and blurted out things I shouldn't have said, I'm sorry."

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Hmmm... we've all seen the interview, and Harris wasn't exactly berated inside a police interrogation room. What did she expect to discuss with Stern, America's debt ceiling debate?

Hefner has taken a broad, reasonable approach to the incident, saying this week that "Crystal shouldn't have been booked on the show at this sensitive time." He's right. It's almost as if she cares more about attention than doing the right thing.



all those girls are golddiggers. I mean i liked bridget, kendra and holly and believe they cared for him as a close friend but thats it. Well besides holly. Dunno money is what most of those girls see when they look at hef which is sad cuz hes a classy cool dude besides all the woman he has around him. Lol


Is it just me or is this woman ugly? She is only in her 20's but looks more like she's 40. Take away the blond hair and breasts and her face is very plain. It's amazing how people find women like this remotely attractive. Bleaching your hair and getting breasts doesn't automatically make you pretty.


Crystal is an ugly, classless, soulless twat! Really, I mean, really what more can she possibly ever amount to even if she grows up someday. Watch out boys, she will be talking about you next. Like him or not, Hugh Heffner, always seems to know what to say and is approaching this situation with class.


Had she never heard Howard Sterns show before? Besides her relationship with Hugh Hefner there is nothing else that makes her "important" enough (I use the term loosely) to be a guest on his show. She only made herself look bad by saying what she did. She was within days of marrying a man she had sex with once that only lasted two minutes, that she had never seen naked and was not really attracted to. Sorta makes that gold digger label seem to fit her. While sexual attraction is not the largest part of why people get married it needs to be at least a part of it, otherwise people are just friends. Perhaps her attraction was to his cash not to him. I think Hefner is handling this with class, Crystal, not so much.

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