Chris Brown: Neighbor From Hell?

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Sometimes (or a lot of the time), Chris Brown just does not make it easy for people to LEAVE HIM ALONE, as certain fans continually urge.

According to TMZ, Brown is currently at war with his fellow West Hollywood condo owners, who claim the singer is the "neighbor from hell."

Parking in handicapped spaces, blasting music, and racing dogs in hallways ... this guy does it all. But is there another side to this report?

Brown on Today

Pics of Brown's rides clearly parked illegally have surfaced, and the building manager is beyond fed up and planning on towing Chris' cars.

However, Chris' lawyer, Mark Geragos, says Chris is the one getting screwed, as the deed clearly shows the two spaces belong to Chris.

Geragos claims the developer never disclosed they were handicapped spots, and says Chris is in litigation with the building over the spaces.

The building manager counters that Chris is parking in other handicapped zones as well, and that owners' gripes go beyond parking spots.

Fellow condo owners say he is utterly disrespectful, blasting loud music, partying day and night, even racing dogs down the hall at all hours.

Moreover, police showed up this week after someone vandalized the elevator by carving "C.B." on the elevator door. No charges were filed.

Chris has only lived in the building a few months. Sounds like an ugly situation. Fortunately, no anti-gay rants have been reported.



"utterly disrespectful, blasting loud music, partying day and night, even racing dogs down the hall at all hours" ..... yep, neighbor from hell.


CiCI,I feel that was very rude of you to say what you said!!! This is a young man who is growing up when your "PINK AZZ" folks do shit like that no one ever say anything!!! You all are always trying to sterotype a class of people!!! Stop the bullsh*t because most young celebrities do crazy sh*t!!!! Chris sweetheart if you can move to a place where you can enjoy your life do it!! Please respect your neighbors because you know the "SPOTLIGHT" is on you;everything you do in their eyes is wrong!!! Please try to stay out of their way;they are out to destroy you;be wise!!!!


well i do think all of this is going way out of hand and he does have a wonderful voice and is throwing it away by doing idiotic things.. he needs to slow down and think! if he does something really stupid he can lose his career and maybe even most of his fans.. i love chris and i want him to keep all the good he has but he can use it like this... he needs to be talked to and maybe even slapped a couple of times.. but i completely support him and he needs real friends not just hoes and money-hungry people


Chris let me party with you lol :)


Chris Brown has some major mental health issues. I can't bash him for that. I hope he can get intense therapy. He is on a downward spiral. No Mickey Mouse anger mangement classes anymore.


A Hole. I turn the radio station every time his lame ass is on.


i think that chris brown needs help with dealing with his emotions and anger issues because he cannot be acting uo like that it will look bad for his image so needs to straighten up his act and learn to handle situations better .


He's just a brain-damaged wuss.


Virginia was too boring for him. I really hope Chris keeps it together!!! He is truly talented. He needs real friends & support,
not just money-grubbers & attention-seekers... Poor guy! :(


I wish people would shut the fuck up because you don't know if it's true or not so hop off the boyy's dick. Funny how yall claim to hate him but yet his name is always in your mouth and you are always in his business. Just sayin. If you have a problem with this comment feel free to bitch. I don't give a fuck :)


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