Chris Brown: Neighbor From Hell?

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Sometimes (or a lot of the time), Chris Brown just does not make it easy for people to LEAVE HIM ALONE, as certain fans continually urge.

According to TMZ, Brown is currently at war with his fellow West Hollywood condo owners, who claim the singer is the "neighbor from hell."

Parking in handicapped spaces, blasting music, and racing dogs in hallways ... this guy does it all. But is there another side to this report?

Brown on Today

Pics of Brown's rides clearly parked illegally have surfaced, and the building manager is beyond fed up and planning on towing Chris' cars.

However, Chris' lawyer, Mark Geragos, says Chris is the one getting screwed, as the deed clearly shows the two spaces belong to Chris.

Geragos claims the developer never disclosed they were handicapped spots, and says Chris is in litigation with the building over the spaces.

The building manager counters that Chris is parking in other handicapped zones as well, and that owners' gripes go beyond parking spots.

Fellow condo owners say he is utterly disrespectful, blasting loud music, partying day and night, even racing dogs down the hall at all hours.

Moreover, police showed up this week after someone vandalized the elevator by carving "C.B." on the elevator door. No charges were filed.

Chris has only lived in the building a few months. Sounds like an ugly situation. Fortunately, no anti-gay rants have been reported.



Too me chris is a child abby! He still have some damn going up to do. I also will agree with everybody else, he need to stop being a hott head.


Look.. I love chris brown but he really needs to respect his neighbors or at least the law. The guys on probation for heavens sake! Besides that, does anyone find the image of the racing dogs part a little funny?


I don't really know whos right or what the truth is, just like everyone else. But i just gotta say its sad to watch this kid that I loved when he first came around, turn into some just highly publicized villain. Its sad that we need to publicize people business like this and fight over stuff we dont know about. I just hope that he keeps making music, and eventually becomes more talked about for something positive, I choose to believe hes not all bad, just has made some bad choices!


Remie bitch let me inform your dumb ass of something. Not once did I state that what he was doing was right I just said that ppl need to stop believing everything that the media puts out and that ppl need to stop being in his business so much if they "claim" to hate him because if I hated someone I wouldn't be all on their dick. And yes bitch my ghetto ass does deserve to have him as a neighbor:) Anything else??


Nobody is above the law.


SOUL4REAL - "This is a young man who is growing up when your "PINK AZZ" folks do shit like that no one ever say anything!!!" BULL!!! You keep carrying that chip on your shoulder, but we "PINK AZZ" folks are in jail as much as your folk are - if not more. Don't want to go to jail, don't break a law - no matter what color you are. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and stop using racists excuses when you get caught, cause we "PINK AZZ" folks are getting tired of that worn out old excuse, especially when you get caught holding the goods that are getting your AZZ caught in the first place.


Neighbor from hell. Boyfriend from hell. Just plain from hell. He's an immature jerk who acts like a child when he doesn't get his way.


Just because you are a celebrity doesn't mean you can do whatever you want and get away with it especially when you got money . The law is the law and Chris Brown has to respect that. He has to respect the neighbors and the owners by not blasting out parties, running with his dogs up and down the stairs making noise and illegal parking in the handicap zone. If Chris Brown thinks the world revolves around him....he's wrong. How would Chris Brown like it if he was disturbed every night or somebody parking their car on his space illegal, etc. Chris Brown would't like that would he. He needs to get his head straight. I'm sure something will be done about this shortly.


SABRINA and RAMONA You two deserve to be his neighbor! Or maybe you are more ghetto than him!!!


I can clearly feel the pain of having a neighbor from Hell. I had one partying with teedaged boys,gangbangers,hid people of interest from the cops you name it this women did it.but clearly these type of people think the rules don't apply to them.the problem is that nothing ever seems to be done with them.we the good tenants are held up as the "bad guys" and people like Chris are the victims.Go figure


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