Chris Brown Denies, Threatens Legal Action Over Latest Gay Slur Brouhaha

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Chris Brown has used homophobic slurs before, but says that's in the past, and a recent report claiming he used them during a basketball game is BS.

A day after Star and Radar reported that Brown went off on another anti-gay rant, the oft-maligned R&B singer is sounding off, and he's not happy.

Brown's rep calls Star's tale utterly false, saying he wasn't even ballin' that day and the photo Star used was months old - and from a video shoot.

Big Winnah

A totally fictitious article ran in the current Star magazine accusing our client Chris Brown of doing something that he did not do," says Brown's rep.

"He got ticked off when things didn't go his way during the game, saying, 'That's gay!' and ‘You're a f-----t a--!' to the other players," Star claimed.

Brown's side of the story? A little different.

"He spent the entire day with dozens of members of the production team filming the video for 'Body to Body' at 1870 Sunset Paza in West Hollywood."

"Star accompanied the fabricated story with a photo of Chris playing basketball in New York,s taken on the day of his F.A.M.E. CD release in March."

"Chris Brown's management is considering taking appropriate legal action. We stand behind our client and want to set the record straight. This did not happen."

We believe him, and are glad to hear it.


are you deaf? HE DIDN'T SAY IT! what do you mean he always does something dumb? what did he do? Yeah! don't bring his ex up in here fool, this ain't about her=> read the title of this article & don't bring up no Robin Robert in here as well, GET A LIFE! Its impossible for any human being to be politically correct all the time=> even you that you are talking can not do what you are proposing=> NO ONE CAN so if they wanna read into his every word then, we'd see in court. Chris has never made any of those media people a scape goat thats why they are messing with him, if one of them is sue for everything they are worth, they'd run off his dick and never look back=> that will teach the rest a lesson. I bet Chris don't have time to sue anyone, he is a very busy kid, which is unusual for kids his age. He is a good kid. All these people that are ignorant of any situation yet feel the need to leave stupid comments.


Hey where the hell are those kids now? how come this place is quiet today? thats what they all do when the true surfaces=> they vanish only to return when they have another negative story to gloat about. Its no point asking why, the answer is simple, they people are racist hypocrite looking for any excuse slander and blackmail a successful black individual. I hope Chris sue some of these authors to teach the rest a lesson=> PLEASE CHRIS SUE THEM=> they will learn faster.


Rihanna ran into his fist?! What are you nuts?! Although I don't think Rihanna was an angel that night, she shouldn't of gotten her ass beat like that. When is Chris gonna realize that the media loves to eff with him and he needs to be politically correct all the time if he doesn't want them talking about him. He's fine and is talented, but he always does something dumb to mess up his reputation again and again.. Throwing a chair through a window!? Cmon man, get it together!


Hollywood gossip I really love the fact that you don't judge this young man so harshly. He's human but for some reason he's crucified for every move he makes. I love Chris Brown..I don't know why!!!! His past does not deminish that. forgiveness is divine. Without that dark cloud above his head he'd be considered as that best entertainer today. But Rihanna ran into his fist ... She ran into his fist 10 times.


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