Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry: Back Together?

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The love life of Prince Harry seems to be in flux these days.

Last month, William's younger brother reportedly said that he's 100 percent single. It was a quote that seemingly left little room for interpretation.

Then, last week, he and lingerie/swimwear model Florence Brudenell-Bruce were linked romantically. Was there any truth to either rumor?

Not according to a new report linking him to ... Chelsy Davy.

Chelsy Davy Smiles
William's Younger Brother

A royal source suggests that not only are Harry and longtime love Chelsy Davy still an item, they're about to spend some serious time together.

"Chelsy & Harry are going on holiday in S. Africa later this year," the insider says.

"Harry has been planning on meeting up with her in Cape Town and they want to spend a good couple of weeks together traveling, alone."

If this rumor is true, that sounds like more than a friendly trip, wouldn't you say? Perhaps the time apart did wonders for the lovebirds.

Who do you think Prince Harry should be together with?



Chelsy and Harry should be together they were best of friends. She has a good career and a nice girl.


i think chelsy davy is the right girl for prince harry she has the brains than the other girls


i wish chelsy should marry prince harry cause thier love each other and understand each each


chelsy davy should marry prince harrty


I love chelsy is such a pretty girl i dont see why she should not marry prince harry thats their life i wish if there marry


Chelsea- play your part. The ball is in your court- play it right- and your loverelationship will end in the alter. I want this love affair to be solidified with a ring. The beauty of a woman- is a supportive and loving husband. Get married now and wait not to be ol- nobody will marry you nomatter how "Pretty." Your youth is your power. Marry Harry now and wait no more. let him meet your dad when you get to S.Africa and accept his wedding ring there- where no "piperazi will be."
Let this year not pass bye- "Before you get engaged- do it in S.Africa- chelsea."
You are so cute- "Blondeeee."


I think harry should date around a little bit b4 he settles down. He obviously loves her so what would b the big deal in dating b4 settling down. I hope he finds true love and happiness.soon


i love like a fan of you..harry
i also like chelsy..


Methinks Harry should not leave Chelsy cos their relationship has stood the test of time. Chelsy is a girl that knows what she wants and holds herself with dignity, is not after publicity (as some girls are wont to want. I am sure Harry will find happiness with the girl. I wish them well and I am a believer of true love. I am their fan.


Many of these comments baffle me about Chelsy. So many of them negative. I have read that she is a very nice person and likes to be left alone and out of all the limelight. I agree Chelsy and Prince Harry must have a good rapport since their relationship spans over many, many years. She has made it clear she is not interested in becoming a princess and wants no part of the paparazzi, becoming a princess, or a life of limelight. Their relationship must be meaningful due to the length. Since his brother married, there is little chance that Harry will become King in the future. Harry and Chelsy could even marry and live in Africa, away from all the spotlight. In the past he has expressed interest on eventually living in Africa and becoming a wildlife photographer. this sounds like a good outcome for them with Chelsy's safari background. Whatever Harry chooses, he is aware of where Chelsy is coming from. Only time will tell. I wish happiness for them both.

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