Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra: Teen Mom Soulmates!

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With their heartbreaking decision to give baby Carly up for adoption, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra became the exception to the Teen Mom rule.

Also unique to the show? Them staying together through thick and thin.

Catelynn credits good communication for their long-lasting relationship. Of course, the step-siblings consider themselves soulmates, too. That helps.

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra

Despite the statistics against them remaining together after being teen parents, Catelynn and Tyler seem have a relatively normal, stable relationship.

Maybe Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood should take some notes here.

"We’re just so open with each other and we tell each other how we feel. When Tyler and I get mad we don’t really fight, we sit down and talk about it and say how we feel, really communicating and listening to each other," Lowell says.

"It’s weird, but I always say I found my soulmate at such a young age.”

The MTV star thinks that despite how hard it was to go through with it, giving Carly up for adoption actually made them stronger as a couple.

“The adoption made me and Tyler stronger, which is beating statistics because even people who go through adoption usually break up,” she said.

“Tyler told me that when I had Carly and he saw me with her in the hospital room that was the first day he fell in love with me.”

But Catelynn and Tyler’s wedding is not in the near future.

“It’s definitely not. We just want to wait,” Catelynn explained. “We’re too young, we’re only 19. We want to wait until we’re out of college.”

They did, however, move in together on this week's Teen Mom episode. Here's hoping that works out, and that they keep on communicating!


One day they will be so sorry for giving up the baby


i know how it feels to give your baby up to another person... but it is hard at first but you get us to it after awhile but i do have my days that i have hard times dealing with my child not being with me. but i get to see him in december and before christams. And i do buy him everything


I should know because Iam a teen mom myself and it hard to do it alone but if you have family to help you will be ok my mom and dad made me move with my Boyfriend and his mom and dad but now we been together for 4 years now we are getting married next year


I am much older and experienced than these two at relationships, and I get tell them now - hold on with both hands. Their bond is amazing and they should be role models for people young and old. Not only are they old souls, but giving Carly up for adoption without the support of their worthless parents was a completely selfless and mature decision. Also, it is not incest, they are not related, or even grow up together. Their parents met THROUGH them after they had already begun dating. If you think you found your soulmate, and your mom announced she wanted to date his dad, would you break up with him? Give me a break.


These two are so stinking cute together. I hope that everything works out for them.


It's not creepy & no where near incest. They did not grow up together in the same home. Tyler's dad & Caitlynns mom did not marry until 3 years ago. Them giving their baby up for adoption makes them the best parents on the show. The other girls are very selfish (except for Maci). They knew their families were nuts & poor & how their childhood was so they wanted better for their daughter. I respect them for that.


@ nic soo just cuz they gave their baby up for adoption that doesnt make them parents?


they should not be on the show its all about their relationship its called teen mom not teen relationships.


Incest is when BLOOD relatives date/mate. They are not related. And they were also dating before their parents decided to date and marry.


step siblings? theyre step siblings??? isnt that uuhhh ya kinda incest??? i know they arent related by blood but damn that creepy...

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