Casey Anthony Verdict: Not Guilty!

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In a stunning verdict reached in just 10 hours and 40 minutes of deliberation, a jury acquitted Casey Anthony of murder this afternoon in Orlando, Fla.

A red-faced Anthony held back tears after the verdict. Having sat grim faced for almost six weeks of testimony, she beamed when she learned her fate.

Comprised of seven women and five men, ranging in ages from 32 to 65, the 12 members of the jury handed down the decision at 2:15 p.m. Tuesday.

The jurors spent four hours Sunday and six today breaking down the case against Casey. Ultimately, they found reasonable doubt and she walked.

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Accused of killing two-year-old daughter Caylee, she was found not guilty of first degree murder, aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter.

Casey Anthony was found guilty on four counts of providing false information to law enforcement officers. Those charges are misdemeanor offenses.

Anthony could face a year in prison for each of the four counts, but since she's been incarcerated for three years already, she may go free altogether.

Sentencing on the guilty counts will be held on 9 a.m. Thursday.

The high-profile trial began on May 24. Much of the 33 days of testimony and two of closing arguments made a compelling case against Anthony.

Not enough, apparently. The absence of hard, physical evidence against her and a defense theory that was just plausible enough led to an acquittal.

Prosecutors claimed Casey Anthony killed Caylee with chloroform and suffocated her with duct tape over her mouth and nose, then left her in the woods.

Casey's defense team admitted she weaved a complex web of lies about what happened, but suggested that Caylee drowned in the pool by accident.

As for why Casey lied, her attorneys said that she behaved that way because she had been "trained to lie" through years of sexual abuse by her father.

Judge Belvin Perry ruled, however, that there was no evidence that Casey was abused and ordered that it not be mentioned in closing arguments.

Did the jury get it right? What do you think ...


the burden of proof lies with the state from the begining i did nt think they proved their case. They should have either waited or nt asked for man 1. All witnesses had problems with their testimony and the scientific evidence was very weak nt to mention u had a air sample in evidence for the first time ever. This case was very sensationalized from the start. I learned lots of new info while watching the case. The metermaid who found the body just wasnt right. U shudnt have to tell the cops mre than once u found a dead body its jus fishy. The jury has very specific rules on how to reach a verdict and imo they did right. They followed the law and wat it says.


i think here father (casey's father)did it! i believe casey didn't do it but i think she knew what happened she just wasn't telling anybody...the reason i think casey's father did it is because you can tell when he is lying because when he said he didn't have an affair with that women.....and when they were sitting down he was blinking very nervously and his wife had her head down the whole time, like she had something to hide....and one time when they were taking a break casey's mom went to go to the bathroom and her father was waiting out side the bathroom door to make sure his wife didn't say anything about him killing caylee.....the thing is you just have to pay attention to details of everybody very close when it comes to cases like these....


Absolutely disgusting and depressing. Where is the just? Who in their right mind would let someone like that walk. Did the little girl just die and bury herself in the woods?? Really??Absolutely unexceptable. Just to show you how great our law system is! :(
Praying for Caylee


She needs to be put in jail to rot I don't care what they think this is another oj case wth did this world come too




did anybody find it odd how many of their pets had died? Perhaps she poisoned them & finally advance onto people. Her friend said that she & casey were gonna move into her parents house. Perhaps casey was planning on killing all of them but didnt get the chance to.


Whether or not she personally did it, which i believe she did, how could anyone not blame her for the simple fact of not giving a damn? How long should your child be "missing" before you report it????? Pathological liar and outright filth should have been enuf to fry her....God will have to deal with her since we live in a country full of tolerance nd excuses!


Any woman who waits 30 days or so to report her child missing is clearly guilty. I have a daughter myself and if she even went missing for more than a hour or so, I would be buzzing up the police phone. I am curious what the jury saw. Any woman can pull of tears if they need to... For all we know she could have been shedding tears over the fact that she could be sentenced to death... ugh.. frustrating!


and we wonder why the world is like it is,fuck minding your own buisness These are our children people and It doesnt matter how much money you have you are a sorry piece of shit to do anything to a child but yet we still manege to allow excuses for these fucken people...White,Black,Yellow and Brown WE ARE NOT TO KILL OR HURT OUR CHILDREN,AND STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR THESE MOTHER FUCKERS ITS THE LAW,MONEY,RACE WHATEVER,LIFESTYLE WATEVER...


No need for talk of hate or threats toward her. She did not free herself, our peers did! If the child's death was not accidential, she will break sooner or later and she has to LIVE with whatever the truth is. People do senseless things all the time, and it appears that her troubles started long before the death of her child.