Casey Anthony Supporters Sending Her Moral Support, Cash For Some Reason

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Casey Anthony has been receiving plenty of death threats since she was found not guilty of murder last week, but not everybody hates on her.

Support and sympathy from strangers has poured in, as has cash - her bank account is benefiting from financial contributors, People reports.

Sympathetic admirers, who need to reexamine their lives, have been sending Anthony letters of encouragement - and checks in the mail.

Casey A.

As of Thursday, the 25-year-old earned $472.18 from at least 17 different donors, according to Orange County Corrections Department records.

That's a drop in the bucket compared to the amounts she's going to be sued for imminently, but every little bit helps when you're flat broke.

Texas Equusearch, for one, is suing Casey Anthony for more than $100,000 to recoup the money they spent searching for Caylee Anthony.

Since Casey was convicted of lying to law enforcement authorities four different times, the company certainly has grounds to go after her.

In any case, Anthony, who does not appear to know the donors, has spent some money and will keep the rest when she's released July 17.

Anthony bought deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, eyeliner, hair ties, premium chicken breasts, peanuts and jalapeño cheese dip in prison.

The question remains: Who the HECK sends Casey Anthony money?

Safe to say Nancy Grace is not one of the donors, but this fellow is:

"I do not know Casey personally, nor am I supporting her as a person, nor am I anything like the people sending her love letters and asking her to marry them," one of her more generous donors, a guy in his late 20s, says.

"However, what I am supporting is the jury's decision to acquit based on lack of evidence failing to overcome the reasonable doubt standard."

Fair enough. But did the jury even get it right?


Casey Anthony is an American and lives in America.
We tend to forget what our country stands for. Part of that is " INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY" I repeaat until PROVEN guilty !! Let the lady go on with her life. A jury found her innocent let it be!


Is this an article to prove that there are at least seventeen people in this world with more money than they have brains?
One could only imagine that it was Cindy behind filling out and mailing all those envelopes. It must be her cheap shot at trying to rebuild Caseys' self esteem that she had spent 22 years ripping to shreds. Didn't John Morgan refer to Cindy as a rabied pitbull? Heres' a hint Cindy.........That isn't exactly a compliment! Maby Cindy is a Dysfunctional optomist. Sure George may have had an affair, but he made over 4 thousand dollars from the deal tax free, and sure he may have been an incesutal molester of their daughter, but at least he avoided jailtime for it. And sure her daughter may have brutally murdered their grandaughter, but if they can get over it and forget it, why can't everybody else? Everyone has been appalled by why people can act so dumb, until they all had to face the fact that it isn't an act after all.


I'm ashamed that we are still talking about this. There are so many missing kids out there, MOVE ON and focus on them.


all i know is i will not buy her books or movies why in the hell should i give her money.
sweet innocent little angel caylee marie anthony she is a victim here not casey And i wish some people would not support her and give her money.i am all for caylee how can you make money off of caylee that is just sick.she could of gave her to anyone they would of loved her.i would of my self i have 5kids all 4of them are older but my one is younger i hope they will stop talking about casey.she just pisses me off ya she didnot give them anything. she said sorry but i am not giving them anything when i get out of here you didnot have to we all know you did it.


people are so evil and sick and telling someone to rot or wish them dead you will all have to answer to God!!!!! Let it go how did you expect them to find her guilty by not proving it??? Is that how our Justice system works?? No you all had her guilty from day one I think Mom and Dad , Dad mostly know way more if not maybe were there in the pool when /if accident happened!!! why would you freak why not call 911??? Her Dad being an ex-cop hmmm lets all look at the bigger pitcure~~~


we should not ever forget about the little girl who her life taken from her she was just learning about life n about love we never ever forget her she in our hearts in our minds somebody knows something let us find out something know matter how small the info is


I agree with you bulk ! I didn't send money but I'm gonna send her money and support her ! People just leave her alone !


Casey is guilty of a lot of things. She did not report her child
missing for 31 days, partying like a rock star, lying about her
child to everyone including mom/dad. What about the baby
sitter she lied on and ruined her life. She was fired and kicked
out of her home w/6 kids. People God will handle Casey just
like her will punish us for our sins. All sins are not the same
but guess what it is still sin. I hope she will not make a dime


to even say george had anything to do with it is pure CRAZY. There no evidence there was a drowning or sexual abuse. The judge told them they could not consider the opening statements as fact or evidence. And the defense never put up one shred up evidence that this child drowned or casey was abused. So the jury did not follow the judge rules they considered things that the defense said in the opening but never backed it up with evidence. This jury knew a not guilty verdict would pay more than a guilty and thats a slap in caylees face that they make money on her dead body. Hope some crack pot does get yas and her.


Justice has been served . It's not about what We think Our system does not through people in jail With no evidence . That's what's so great about our country . God bless America and the justice system !!!!!