Casey Anthony, Parents, Lawyers & Jurors: Death Threats Galore!

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The Casey Anthony trial still has people fired up, and the people who factored into the accused killer's acquittal are now feeling the public's wrath.

Someone is threatening to kill the 25-year-old, her attorneys, and the jurors who found Anthony not guilty of murdering her daughter this week.

According to Casey's attorney Cheney Mason, his team has received "all kinds of threats" at his office since the controversial verdict came in.

Almost Free

Specifics are scarce, but the threats have been plentiful, including one credible enough that "we just turned it over to law enforcement."

There are reports Casey's parents, George and Cindy Anthony (both of whom were key witnesses at Casey's trial) are also being targeted.

George and Cindy are said to have gone into hiding since the jury's ruling cleared Casey, though this has not been independently confirmed.

For his part, Mason doesn't seem worried, at least for now. He laughed off the threats, claiming the people behind them are "cowards."

Did the jury get it right?



The jury system is what is wrong with this country. This jury was not a random selection of unbiased people. SOme peolpe are not qualified to be jurors. This jury was not smart enough to be jurors. There should be a qualification requirement. Probably 50% of this country are not qualified to be jurors.


I agree with Mike8, you crazed people don't know exactly what happened, and you have no right to threaten anyones life, or condemn them to your own liking. That's for the man upstairs to decide, and NOT YOU. If you don't understand then I suggest you watch the "OXBOW INCIDENT". So indeed do go on with you lives and stop teaching your children hatred.


In the beginning of time Cain killed Able . God asked where is thy brother? Cain said am i my brother`s keeper? God said his blood cries out to me from the earth, what have you done? Cain admitted it - God said You are cast out! Cain said my punishment is more than i can bare. All that find me will want to kill me, a fugitive and a vegabond will i be until i perrish from off the earth. Same judgement for Casey! Death will follow her no mater where she goes.


Some say the prosecution didn`t prove the case, Well it rained last night but i didn`t see it . The ground is wet but how do we really know it rained. // Caylee is DEAD Casey didn`t report it EVER Cindy had to . Casey dumped the body in the Garbage where she buried all her pets. Caylee is dead but how do we know- Casey Never has even mentioned Caylee`s Name since June 16 2008. It`s My Kid , her ,never a real compassion , not one tear for her little daughter. The prosecution proved the 1.body was found tape.3 humane decompition in the trunk of Caylee`s car.Lying to prosecutors about where Caylee was.Death hair in trunk.Beautiful Life Now that she is gone!


Where will she hide? There is No place on Earth Casey Anthony will be safe. She will feel the FEAR that her daughter Caylee felt when Casey duck taped her and put her in the trunk of her car!Be sure her sins will Find her where ever she tries to hide.
Cindy Anthony will be punished for all the lies and cover-ups she and George made for Casey.


Hide your kids and your check books.


Calm down you all.........Sit back and watch their down fall. None will make millions on this poor child's death if we don't allow it. If you really care you will not support anything about this case,books,media interviews,movies,magazines,write the sponsors that are involved,boycott their products. Its supply and demand and if we don't want it they can't sell it. It up to us to say enough is enough. Lets be smarter then the jurors,the only way they will make millions if "we the people" allow it.We'll be Caylee's voice and supporters. Lets make a stand on this gross miss justice. That's justice in another form and lets see how much money they make....'NONE"


Appears a ton of people are looking to cash in on this mess.......The jurors are screaming poor me while they are running right to the bank.........Shame on you. Personalty I really don't care what excuses you have to give. I will not be supporting any interviews,magazine articles,or books by 1-12. Everybody should do the same....boycott the sponsors,publishers and the net works who are promoting Casey, her lawyers,jurors,and the Anthony family. Whats this world coming to when you can turn around and make millions on a dead child? I am totally discussed..........


Disguise or not, she'll be easy to spot. Just watch for the trail of dead toddlers. I'm sure she'll keep Mason's phone number handy. What an appropriate name: Mason.


Reasonable doubt is BS; Especially with some nitwit jurors who dont understand about the justice system. It is too confusing for them. Go back to Guilty or Not Guilty; end of story!

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