Casey Anthony Makeup Tips: Get the Sexy Look!!

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We can debate the jury's decision endlessly, but one thing is undeniably clear about the year's most scrutinized and controversial court case:

Casey Anthony is frickin' hot!

Well, as accused child killers go anyway. She's a fresh-faced, natural beauty, and a lot of her colleagues look like John Wayne Gacy. Case? Rested.

Anyway, how does she do it? In another edition of Michelle's Makeup Tips, The Second City Network shows you how to get Casey's "look" ...

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honestly? the psycho killed her own child and every one is giving her sympathy by giving her the spot light of everything, tv networks and the media coverage should all b ashamed of them selves for making this awful person a new found celebrity for killing her baby, doesnt matter whether she was found guilty or not, she did something to her own child to cause her death.


Hot?? No. Especially on trial, she looked like a bulldog. Girl next door or average at best.


Well going on just looks & not her actions shes not horrible looking. I wouldnt say shes hot, shes cute, nothing special really.


I was really amused by this. The comparison to John Wayne Gacy was hilarious. Thank you for making me laugh (which Im sure was the writters intention). =)


this WAS my fav ent blog, but this is DISGUSTING! to COMPLIMENT an "accused" baby killer?! wtf is wrong w you ppl? "Frickin hot, fresh faced BEAUTY???!!!" THAT'S what you call an accused baby killer?! And I say "accused" lightly. Disgusting.


Dear god, are you fricking kidding me! Have you no sense of decency? Do us a favor and take this moronic post down.


Seriously??!! whoever wrote this needs to be fired. Totally, completely tasteless. Casey Anthony make-up tips? She looks like a friggin' street rat. This world is going to Hell in a handbasket. Last time I go to THG....


I think Casey would look even hotter with a rope around her neck.
That would compliment her well. George Vreeland Hill


Hahaha! This is terrible...but funny! Casey is really pretty, everything else aside.


Haha ripped article! Seriously though.....