Casey Anthony Makeup Tips: Get the Sexy Look!!

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We can debate the jury's decision endlessly, but one thing is undeniably clear about the year's most scrutinized and controversial court case:

Casey Anthony is frickin' hot!

Well, as accused child killers go anyway. She's a fresh-faced, natural beauty, and a lot of her colleagues look like John Wayne Gacy. Case? Rested.

Anyway, how does she do it? In another edition of Michelle's Makeup Tips, The Second City Network shows you how to get Casey's "look" ...

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I'd do her she is hot


The fact that you even printed an article about her which glamorizes her in any way is gross and disgusting. I don't think things like this should be printed about her at all.


are u sick people? she could be the world's most beautiful woman but who cares if she's a murderer? it's obvious we're keen on the exterior aspects today and don't know what really matters but still this is just disgusting. beauty is on the inside and it looks like what she's got on the inside is creepy as hell. i'm not coming here again


I think she's the AntiChrist. Doesn't have to be a male?


To all readers: Please boycott this page, and pass it along on facebook and twitter. Let's call out these idiots!


Her eyes are too close together and she looks like an elf with those ears. That is disgusting! Shame on you freaks.


This post s useless . . who wants tips to luk lik casey. ? ? she s no beauty . . .take out the post . . . .


I totally don't get it. The first time I saw her I thought something was a little off about her facial bone structure. Hot?? Really?? Besides... Who cares? She's a sicko murderer... Why would anyone want to look like her? She's a monster... Although, I am told that people wanted the Ted Bundy look cuz he was "attractive," and also copied those 3 women that followed Manson around. Creeps.


With duct tape & bags you threw me away. What more is there to say? Alone in the woods is where I was kept, for six long months & you STILL haven't wept. "Bella vita" that's what your tattoo said. Not a care in the world, while I lay dead. Every night Jesus rocks me to sleep and makes a promise I know he'll keep. "Don't worry, everything will be fine, for in the end vengeance shall be mine!" Love, Caylee♥


First of far as pretty goes, I would say she is cute! She's absolutely not a beauty! Cute figure I will give her. She is no Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Sophia Loren, or any other exotic beauty out there! I am sure she thinks she is>> Beauty Tips from her? That is really SICK! But people are sick today..just look on Ebay and see the bids for her personal items..High School yearbook etc.! When I hear the statement dumbing down of America, now I can see why? Especially pertains to that jury!