Casey Anthony Makeup Tips: Get the Sexy Look!!

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We can debate the jury's decision endlessly, but one thing is undeniably clear about the year's most scrutinized and controversial court case:

Casey Anthony is frickin' hot!

Well, as accused child killers go anyway. She's a fresh-faced, natural beauty, and a lot of her colleagues look like John Wayne Gacy. Case? Rested.

Anyway, how does she do it? In another edition of Michelle's Makeup Tips, The Second City Network shows you how to get Casey's "look" ...

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Dear Erin Ford,
Please, do not breed.


Great she can give us tips on how to kill your child and how to lie to the police since she is so good at covering her tracks . And who in the hell is jealous of Casey? people are upset of what happened to this poor little soul nobody cares about how she looks! people are upset at her behavior not showing any sympathy for her little girl JEALOUS! are you serious? I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT HER LOOKS! the fucking animals used this poor little girl body like a damn tooth pit chewing on her bones while she was fucking her boyfriend and having the police running all over ten buck two and back believing her bullshit stories that wasn't even true!!!!!!!!!!!! . And the media is sick to try to make Casey famous? for what b/c she's white ? stupid America with a weak justice system that favors the wrong doing for not to even a least get her on child neglect. RIP CA


Now I clearly know the reason for the quote 'DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA"!!! Just reading the idiots on this blog! These are the kind of people the media is banking on to buy her sick book and watch her demonic movie! The woman is guilty and the father had nothing to do with it. Would you go out and party and rent movies to stay in bed all day with your boyfriend while your baby was laying in the woods stuffed in trash bags? Think! Use your brain!


Sick beyond belief. You are glamorising a woman that killed her child to a 17-28 market for money? Sick, sick people. This is not acceptable and I will be contacting advertisers.


Erin if one sick girl. She obviously knows nothing about this case. I guess Casey isn't the only sick ----.


Casey Anthony is really beautiful. She has a sweet smile, and long, lustrous soft brown hair. She is super hot!


Haters love to talk about Casey like she is the best thing in their lives!!! And Stop being jealous, it's not her fault you haters are damn UGLY!!!! I would think you Ugly haters could not afford to be rude, You haters should do yourself a favor and be polite!


Can you give me beauty tips on how to look like charles manson next time? Pssh, at least he didn't kill his baby.


ok why woud we wanna look like a murderer?? y woud i wanna follow her style? y is she even getting this much attention? She Killed Her BAby!!!!! R u ppl Crazy!!!!! Shes Fuking Ugly!!!


she looks like a horse. its just her hair thats "pretty"..shes a demon. HORSE FACED BABY KILLER!