Casey Anthony Juror No. 12: In Hiding!

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One of the citizens who acquitted Casey Anthony of murder, a woman in her 60s known only as Juror No. 12, has quit her job and gone into hiding amid death threats and fears of how her co-workers would react.

The woman received death threats and told her husband before packing her bags and leaving, "I'd rather go to jail than sit on a jury like this again."

The husband, who is following her into hiding, says she resigned from Publix by phone rather than in person, out of concern for what might happen.

C. Anthony

Two weeks ago, Anthony was found not guilty of all felony charges, including first-degree murder, in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

She was sentenced to four years for misdemeanor counts of lying to law enforcement, but due to time served, is scheduled to be released Sunday.

In a profile of the jury, No. 12 is described as the mother of two children and one young grandchild. She worked as a cook at a Publix supermarket.

She often looked to the female prosecutor for reaction from the trial's testimony and said that, "I have no problem deciding on the death penalty."

What a sad postscript. No matter how much you may disagree with the jury's verdict, they're just people who should be allowed to live their lives.

Did the jury get it right?


Does anyone one believe in innocent until proven guilty? The 12 jurors were not conviced of guilt. With the evidence presented all that can really be said beyond a reasonable doubt is she lied and she acted badly. Does America really want jurys to convict on that? Really? My question is how did this crap end up in a capital case before a judge? The whoopla over Casey Anthony is the creation of dispicable hate mongering tabloid reporters. Exagerations, speculations and pontificating her guilt for three years. Its a sales job nothing more. And America bought it, even law enforcement (and still can't get enough of it). Just ask yourselves "who has raked in the gold on Caylee's blood?" Now ask yourselves "Why it is still front page news?" The motive is MONEY not JUSTICE.


Do you know how many innocent people are in prison? Yes, they got it right!


To Terrence who gave his comment on July 15. You should have been on the jury. You are as stupid as they were. Morons like you have a very strange gene pool. Of course that freak was guilty. She was the last one with her poor child. Then the child was dead. Dah! You don't have to be Einstein to figure that one out. At the very least, the judicial system needs some changes, and some attorneys really should be disbarred.


Again, my aunt read to me about the three blind mice.
Sadly, she never told me about the 12 blind mice living in Florida. They should remain in hiding. The count was 6-6 and
in 4 hours 6 people were convinced she was innocent? One
of the jurors was powerful force in this not guilty. Was he
the one who decided they all should avoid the media and look
for the big bucks to come? Maybe we will get to hear the real
story. maybe?


I bet a theme park will make a ride after her! (You might need to take a course in "Lying-101" first) It starts out with sympathy and apathy for you and an abundance of volunteers to help in finding your "lost" child ... even though you know where she is! Then, the ride takes off as you are taken into custody. The roller coaster goes up, down, right, left, flips, spins ... Then the ride stops in a courtroom where you get to sit down in handcuffs, and everyone gets to watch you sit there emotionless and then, just when everyone is convinced that you are going to fall straight into the pits of hell ... 12 f-en idiots let you off! And then you get paid money....
I bet the ride will be in Pinellas County too! Because if it were anywhere else ... a child killer would not have ever gotten off and definitely not living the "Bella Vita" ...


Well I say that it is a darn shame. She definitely has plenty of sympathy from me. Shame on anyone who doesn't. She doesn't deserve death threats. Just because you don't agree with a verdict doesn't give you the right to harass. Casey Anthony was found not guilty and America has to get over it.


I'm glad juror 12 is living in fear. Now maybe she knows how Caylee felt in the last hours of her life!!!! IDIOT JURORS. IDIOTS. Plus, what kind of justice system is this when a Trial Consultant can go out and feel the "pulse" of the community to give to the Defense in order to assist the Defense's closing argument containing all sorts of "emotional" comments, that which they said for the jurors to NOT CONSIDER. IDIOTS. I hope a Puerto Rican will kill Casey since Zanaida will not get any justice either.


I agree with Trish73....Justice would have been a HUNG JURY if there was one DECENT person among them...would have held out and caused a hung jury!! DONT LOOK FOR SYMPATHY FROM THE PUBLIC...YOU ARE A DISGRACE AND DESERVE EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE GETTING!!!


JeffScott is my new Hero.


This juror earned no respect by not reviewing any evidence in deliberations. Not one piece! Therefore, she is running scared. So what if she is old? She was responsible for a very important decision. She chose, CHOSE, to not review any evidence. 35 days of evidence. No respect for her at all!!!