Casey Anthony Enjoys Taste of Freedom, Corona

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One of first things on Casey Anthony's agenda after her release from jail?

Cracking open a cold one!

According to TMZ, a video is being shopped around showing Casey getting off a private jet in Florida, just hours after she ended her stint behind bars.

Casey Anthony, Long Hair

Keep celebrating, Casey. You certainly earned it.

The video shows Casey Anthony smiling with a half-empty Corona beer bottle. The acquitted murderer is seen smiling as she deplanes at an unknown location.

Casey's former lawyer, Todd Macaluso, who is believed to have transported Anthony by plane (his firm has a private jet), is also on board and celebrating.

At one point she is heard saying, "I concur." The video is being shopped by Casey's lawyer Jose Baez, who's arranging potential interviews with her.

The first exclusive with Anthony is expected to fetch seven figures.


@ JimSlick... Agree with you 100%, very well said. And Juror No. 3 who's had her 15 minutes even said, "not guilty doesn't mean innocent"


@Shelby: She wasn't found "not guilty", she was acquitted due to lack of evidence. I believe there was plenty of evidence, that she brutally murdered her 2 yr. old daughter. No, we won't go on with our stupid lives while, shitty moms kill their children and get to go fly private jets and drink beer comfortably waiting on million dollar interviews.


Oh Shush Liza - you obviously still are very interested or you wouldnt have checked this article or posted. Hypocrite.

Avatar much for therapy. And celebrating "getting away with murder" then trying to shop it around..seriously, they all need help.


I agree with Liza Casey was found not guilty so stop giving her crap and go on with ur stupid lives.


Liza - How can you say just go on with your life?
We must see to it that Caylee didn't die in vain.
We must let people know who kill their babies they will
not live in peace. Hopefully she will be taunted every
day to help remind her of what she did. Forget what the
twelve blind mice said, they were in a hurry to get home
and make the big bucks or else they wouldn't have changed
from 6-6 vote to 12-0 in four hours. It's very hard to
convince 6 people who think guilty to change their minds.
Could they have convinced you?


wth each inch of my being ,i cant stand that woman (casey). Everyone knows she killed her daughter, reguardless of what the jurys decided. Her freedom wont last long. Too many people hate baby killers, and karma is a bitch....


This woman was found "not guilty". It's time to leave her alone to live her life regardless of what you all feel about her. And by the way, go out and live YOUR lives as well. Too many people are fixated on Casey to the detriment of their daily lives. For your own sakes, stop thinking about this case. There are so many other things to do.


I really wish people would not watch any interview she gives or buy magazines/books that are about her. But it won't happen. She will continue to party & then go on tv & play the victim.