Casey Anthony Enjoys Taste of Freedom, Corona

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One of first things on Casey Anthony's agenda after her release from jail?

Cracking open a cold one!

According to TMZ, a video is being shopped around showing Casey getting off a private jet in Florida, just hours after she ended her stint behind bars.

Casey Anthony, Long Hair

Keep celebrating, Casey. You certainly earned it.

The video shows Casey Anthony smiling with a half-empty Corona beer bottle. The acquitted murderer is seen smiling as she deplanes at an unknown location.

Casey's former lawyer, Todd Macaluso, who is believed to have transported Anthony by plane (his firm has a private jet), is also on board and celebrating.

At one point she is heard saying, "I concur." The video is being shopped by Casey's lawyer Jose Baez, who's arranging potential interviews with her.

The first exclusive with Anthony is expected to fetch seven figures.


I can't imagine anyone wanting to have anything to do with this monster. She murdered poor little Caylee and never showed any remorse for doing it. If it hadn't been for Cindy calling 911, Casey would have continued to do what she does best, LIE. Casey will always be the most hated person for what she did and didn't do. Any loving mother or father would have reported "an accidental drowning". Of course the majority of us that have an ounce of common sense knows that the defense "theory/LIE" is nothing but BS. Anyone that actually believes that Casey for one second would have spent 3 years in jail for an "accidental drowning" is crazy. How the jury bought into this, still amazes me. I hope the images of Caylee with duct tape over her mouth and nose, haunts Casey for the rest of her miserable life. Anyone that would do something this horrible to a baby should be forever haunted and reminded of that evil act. RIP Caylee


DRINKING A CORONA FFS????? has this girl no decorum? she could not wait until out of the public eye/pap opportunities? what a waste of space this human being is.


I can't believe Mel is defending this b**ch! Even if the baby drowned in the family pool (which I highly doubt) she should of gave that poor baby a proper funeral instead of leaving her scattered in the woods so animals could eat her skin and flesh and pick her bones. WTF is that. And if you're on her side you should ask her to babysit for you if and when you have kids


Charley is another of the jury peers.
he and "Casey will you marry me"
Charley proves once again our jury system is NOT the best.
One Charley plus one "Casey will you marry me" and there goes
all the circumstantial evidence overlooked because the defendant
was a pretty woman. Wake up, she also was a baby killer.


She is enjoying herself too much. And that makes what was so horrible to begin with even worse. Whether by negligence or intent, she is a baby killer and all she can think about is herself. Look at her grinning. Frankly, I can only pray that no one contributes to her benefitting financially from her baby's death. I cannot even type this woman's name. Talk about a name that should 'live in infamy.'


Why don't people start looking for the real killer and leave Casey alone. From the very begining I didn't think she did it. An yes I watched the whole trial!


Who are we to cast the first stone for we are all sinners from birth. Rest in peace Caylee we wasnt there only casey and God knows the truth and casey will be judged not by humans but by the heavenly father. lest we forget we all human


Mel, you must be Cindy Anthony! Chris, if you don't want to hear about her anymore, get off websites about her! Casey thinks she is finally living her "bella vita" but even her attorneys are realizing that she isn't worth a dime and they are probably sick to death of her by now. They will be letting her go on her own pretty soon because they can't get that "big" payout they have been looking for and she is a hell of a burden that they don't want to continue to take on. She will be released into the public pretty soon and I wouldn't even be surprised if Baez or Cheney Mason sell her whereabouts for the biggest pay out. She will get what is coming to her because what goes around, always comes back around ten fold!!!


karma is a bitch


bella vita bitches!!!!! ...sure shes getting the 5 star treatment for now, but her lawyers are not gonna baby her forever!! Sooner or later shes going to be on her own, with no protection & nobody to defend her from the media.