Casey Anthony Case May Lead to "Caylee's Law"

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In the aftermath of Casey Anthony's stunning acquittal, a proposed "Caylee’s Law" is gaining momentum in her native Florida as well as other states.

What would the new law entail?

Taking its name from Casey's deceased two-year-old, Caylee’s Law would make it a crime to not report a child missing or deceased after 24 hours.

Anthony, Casey

Talk of legislation began shortly after Casey Anthony was found not guilty of Caylee's murder. Petitions have already garnered 1.1 million signatures.

Among those signatures? George Anthony’s.

"This is a great legacy for my granddaughter. Other children still need assistance. If it reflects on my daughter, well, so be it," said Casey's father.

Several other states are also seriously considering adopting "Caylee’s Law." In Oregon, Rep. Shawn Lindsay said he’ll sponsor the law in his state.

Pushing for laws to protect kids and prevent future cases like this is a good use of time, energy and resources ... unlike sending Casey Anthony money.


I bet a theme park will make a ride after her called Easy Off! (You might need to take a course in "Lying-101" first) It starts out with sympathy and apathy for you and an abundance of volunteers to help in finding your "lost" child ... even though you know where she is! Then, the ride takes off as you are taken into custody. The roller coaster goes up, down, right, left, flips, spins ... Then the ride stops in a courtroom where you get to sit down in handcuffs, and everyone gets to watch you sit there emotionless and then, just when everyone is convinced that you are going to fall straight into the pits of hell ... 12 f-en idiots let you off! And then you get paid money....
I bet the ride will be in Pinellas County too! Because if it were anywhere else ... a child killer would not have ever gotten off and definitely not living the "Bella Vita" ...


and pray tell me, what sentence would she have incurred for this failure to report?


i love you casey anthony youre so beutiful people are just jealous


I'm so glad that they are going to make it a law-even thou you should report it when you don't now where you child/ren are,I agree have to remind the idiots' & also so Caylee can Always Be Remember!!!


Every state should have this law but common sense and just overall good parenting tells you, if you can't find you're child, you report them missing right then and there or something. There should be no need for this law but since some people are idiots I guess this'll have to do.


Every state need to have this law


Im glad something positive has happened as a result of this case.
Why did it take the Not Guilty verdict for people to voice their distaste of there being no repercussions for not reporting a missing child?