Brooke Mueller to Charlie Sheen: Do NOT Go There!

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Charlie Sheen will be roasted on Comedy Central next month. But there's one person who doesn't find this news funny: ex-wife Brooke Mueller.

Considering the material available to Sheen and those who will heckle him at the event, Mueller's legal team may fire off a letter to the network, informing it that the terms of the couple's divorce makes any Brooke bashing "completely off-limits."

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Brooke Mueller is reportedly on the road to recovery. Will a roast affect her progress?

“He better not go there," an insider tells TMZ, referring to a clause in Sheen and Mueller's divorce papers that prohibits the actor from talking trash about Brooke in public.

And we all know how much of a stickler Charlie is for rules.


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the document says CHARLIE cant bash brooke. i dont know how that will stand with comedians speaking their mind on charlie and w.e it is he does or did, including brooke. and its about charlie not brooke. so once again this fame whore is probly just doing this shit for attention.


Y'ever get the feeling that Charlie is ecstatic over divorcing this piece of work? Evidently miserable people find miserable people irresistable.

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