Brooke Mueller: Off to Mexican Rehab!

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It took being snapped with pot on the sidewalk, followed by an embarrassing confrontation with a stewardess on an airplane, but Brooke Mueller is headed back to rehab.

Sources tell TMZ that Charlie Sheen's ex-wife is trying something unique this time around: she'll spend seven days in a facility in Mexico. The reason? It offers a drug that is meant to help her kick her drug habit.

Brooke Mueller is Sad

Will the 16th rehab trip be the charm for Brooke Mueller?

Illegal in America, Ibogaine is a substance extracted from an iboga plant. Some experts believe it rewires one's addictions to alcohol, cocaine, methadone and heroin.

Brooke is reportedly referring to the program as "extreme" and she's confident it will work. Sounds a bit loony and desperate to us, but those descriptions also apply Mueller. And, hey, it could be worse.

She could be seeing Dr. Drew instead.


" [or oneiric], which is much much different than what most people think of, like LSD or psilocybin mushrooms, when they read "hallucinogen"). I hope and pray this works for her, but what ppl need to be aware of when thinking of undergoing an ibogaine treatment, is that it DOES involve actual work. Seven days is surely enough to beat the physical and a good deal of the mental addiction. It does "reset" your brain in a way, to a pre-addictive state. However I can't stress enough the importance of an aftercare system to be in place for when the person must return to their everyday life. For anyone considering this, research is a must, as is speaking with at least a few experienced providers. Whether or not you stay clean is up to you, but iboga will give you back the ability to make that choice again. And it will change your life..


This treatment IS a God-send... From personal experience and numerous accounts from others (many who have become good friends and a kind of support network unlike any other), I can attest to the validity and absolutely miraculous nature of this treatment. Often times within the "ibogaine community", you will hear phrases such as "it turns a raging flu into a minor cold", but also "it's not a magic bullet"... What this means for an opiate dependent person is that your withdrawal symptoms literally GO AWAY within 30-45min after ingesting the ibogaine. You then go into an intense state of vivid dreaming (ibogaine is NOT an hallucinogen, btw, but an "REM-ogen


Keep trying is all you can do I guess. She's in a bad bad place. I don't begrudge her trying anything to get better. No quick answer here...


Is she nuts? Ive answered my own question: Yes! Anyone with any addiction knowledge knows that it takes more than 7 continuous days of rehab for it to work.
Its just a shame that she'd rather put her family, her sons & herself through all this rehab-yoyo stuff instead.


This treatment is a GOD SEND and it is highly successful. I wish her {and her children} the very best.