Brooke Mueller: Caught with a Crack Pipe?

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So much for Brooke Mueller reportedly doing well.

A picture has surfaced online that appears to depict Charlie Sheen's troubled ex-wife in possession of a homemade crack pipe. See it for yourself at TMZ.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

No word yet from Mueller or her team, but sources say Brooke fled from the scene as quickly as possible once she saw the photographer.

Mueller, who is the primary caretaker for the twins she shares with Sheen, has been in and out of rehab 15 times. Less than a month ago, she was found wandering the streets of Hawaii, cash in hand.

The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, meanwhile, has not visited either Brooke or Charlie at any point in the last six months. It's safe to say an appointment might have to be made now.


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that is most definately a home made aluminum foil pipe. i dont know if you can smoke crack out of one, being as how i've never smoked crack. but i am a self proclaimed pot head and have made more than my fair share of aluminum foil bowls to smoke pot out of, in a pinch. considering the money she has, cant she buy a nice glass piece for her 'occasional' pot smoking?


i see a lighter and open finger nail clippers... cant tell what that thing in between is. ive never seen a homemade crack pipe so idk. either way- they should give me those boys! me and my husband will look after them!


look closer thats a homemade pipe .. why do they let this women get away with this.. she needs help long term she cons her way out and poof in days she is back at it


whoops meant @modwild. Read the wrong name.


@Amber Lawson, so you're telling me a cell phone and cigarettes look like an aluminum foil tube bent at the top? I think you and Brooke Mueller have something in common...


to me it looks like she is carrying a pair of finger nail clippers. But then again who am I.


Rehab 15 times? Holy smokes. Obviously the treatment shes sought isnt working & maybe a different avenue should be looked into. Shes got children...and doesnt deserve them if busted again. Those boys need a fair chance at as normal a life as possible.


Definitely a lighter, cigarettes and a cell phone. TMZ will try anything to get a story. And, she has a cigarette in her other hand. Finally, you usually lose weight when on drugs. This is the heaviest she has ever been.

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